A New Look for Next Year

The Marching Band’s new uniforms will be unveiled next fall.


photo courtesy of NA Bands

After 14 years, the North Allegheny Tiger Marching Band is starting their next season with new modern uniform.

Emily Janosko, Staff Writer

The North Allegheny Tiger Marching Band is getting a new look, with the school district recently purchasing new uniforms at a cost of $130,000. Designed with a tiger in mind, the band’s new look will distinguish the Tiger Marching Band from other organizations.

“The new uniforms will bring a new, modern contemporary look to the Tiger Marching Band that will set us apart from other programs, with tiger stripes on them and all,” North Allegheny Assistant Band Director Evan Brown said.

The new uniforms are a representation of the growth of the program. Over the years, the marching band has dealt with various weather conditions and different physical requirements. The recently purchased uniforms will hopefully accommodate the constant demands of the activity. 

Additionally, the new uniforms were designed to ease the job of parent volunteers. The marching band volunteers work tirelessly not only to chaperone and care for the band members, but also to make any alterations to the uniforms. 

Every year, the volunteers have to fit the uniforms to the new freshmen, while also making changes to the previous members’ uniforms. With around 200 members, volunteers are constantly hemming and making alterations. 

As time goes on, the demands of the marching band activity change,” Brown explained. “Our old uniforms, for example, are made of a very heavy wool material, which adds a lot of excess weight to the students’ bodies while moving, and also aren’t very comfortable in warm weather. They also were very tough to make fit alterations to, which makes our uniform room volunteers’ job much more difficult.  Our new uniforms address these needs, with a much more comfortable and flexible material, and a built-in length alteration system.”

Current juniors are excited for the new uniforms because they will be the first ones to wear them. The old uniforms have been in circulation for 14 years, so it is extremely exciting to end their high school career in their own uniforms. 

“New uniforms seem like a simple thing, but when you have been wearing the same sweaty uniforms that at least two other people have worn, it actually makes a big difference,” junior Natalie Ceccarelli said. “Being able to spend one year in clean uniforms quite literally will feel better.”

Although seniors this year will not get the opportunity to experience the new uniform, many are appreciative of the purchase. Not only is it a new look for the band, but it is also a representation of the appreciation the school district has for the band program. 

Additionally, many seniors were happy to finish off their Tiger Marching Band career in the same uniform that they started with, even if the design wasn’t as modern as the new ones. 

“I definitely love the old uniforms, and I’m glad I got to finish out my senior year with the ones I started high school in,” said senior Cassandra Pultorak. 

The school district’s purchase of new uniforms is greatly appreciated by band directors, band parents, and band members of every age. The Tiger Marching Band cannot wait to show off their new look next football season.