A Review of Prime Hydration

Two social media titans — KSI and Logan Paul — decided to start their own hydration drink company. Are their beverages as good as their content?

Connor Smith, Staff Writer

Merely two weeks ago, famous Influencers Logan Paul and KSI — YouTube personalities and semi-professional boxers — started a new business endeavor that took quite a bit more time and effort than simply picking up a camera and pressing record.

The duo, who were once mortal foes in the boxing ring, competing for YouTube glory, began a venture that saw them making tropical punches rather than throwing punches at each other — a new beverage company titled Prime.

Prime specializes in making hydration drinks intended to rival the sports drinks of the past, including Gatorade, Body Armor, and Powerade.

At first glance, the ingredients look very enticing: 10 percent coconut water, 850 mg of electrolytes, BCAAs for muscle recovery, antioxidants, and B Vitamins.

Those ingredients rival, if not beat, their competition in quantity and quality. BCAAs, for instance, are an ingredient rarely seen in non-caffeinated beverages, and Prime’s electrolyte total beats Gatorade and Body Armor by over 50 mg.

The other impressive fact about Prime is that it adds all these ingredients without any added sugar or substitutes. For you fitness gurus: no aspartame or coconut oil was used as a substitute.

I decided it was in my best interest to hawk the official launch on their website and acquire at least one drink of every flavor.

I went in with high expectations, considering the hydration drink market is pretty straightforward. Beat your competition in all nutrition facts and make it taste good.

After testing all five flavors — Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Grape — I believe I possess an accurate assessment on how good Prime Hydration really is.

While all the flavors exceeded my expectations, some did have their flaws.

Coming in fifth place was the Grape flavor. Grape is always a risky flavor, and although Prime’s take on the flavor wasn’t necessarily bad, it was somewhat disappointing. With grape flavoring, you look for more of a grape soda instead of a cough syrup, and this grape was more cough syrup in taste than grape soda. Still not a bad effort.

Fourth place was Tropical Punch. It had a lot of potential, but it ended up being too sweet for my liking. The flavor was good, but the aftertaste made for an unpleasant experience without water.

Third place, and getting the first theoretical medal of the review, is the Orange flavor. Orange can only be so good, and this orange flavor was relatively simple. It didn’t have the artificial taste that orange often has, instead tasting like a semi-sweetened orange.

The silver medal goes to the Lemon Lime flavor. Lemon lime can never go wrong in my opinion, and Prime’s offering certainly didn’t disappoint. While it was on the sweeter side, it tasted exactly like the snow cone flavor you get at the nearest Kona Ice truck.

In first place with the gold medal is Blue Raspberry. Blue Raspberry flavors always taste amazing and this one especially tasted, well, amazing. This flavor reminded me of a gas station slushie machine, and everyone knows that is a top five flavor on the planet. 

This product really did blow me away. I had high expectations, but they were either met or succeeded.

I really do recommend buying these for any sort of exercise or just flat out hydration. The nutrition facts are superb — only 2 grams of non-added sugars, and yet the drinks taste like Capri Suns.

The drinks are very affordable at only $1.99 a bottle at any convenience stores in your area, as well as on Prime’s official website.

For an overall review, the drink gets a 9.5/10. All the flavors were at least good enough, and the nutrition facts just blew my mind. For athletes, in my humble opinion, Prime Hydration is much better than Gatorade or any competing sports beverage.