MORP returns, more inclusive than ever

Cancelled the past two years, next Saturday’s dance will be the first to be held indoors at NASH since the pandemic began.


photo by Jess Daninhirsch

StuCo Recording Secretary David Schantz and StuCo Historian Morgan Nash sell MORP tickets during lunch.

Sally Cho, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Excitement is in the air at NASH, as MORP, NASH’s version of a Sadie Hawkins winter formal dance, approaches. The long-awaited dance, which was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will take place on Saturday, February 12th, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The theme for the dance this year is “Cloud 9,” chosen by the Student Council, which is in charge of planning the dance.

“We actually went through a bunch of slightly questionable ideas, like neon, but many were a bit weird or overdone,” StuCo President Victoria Ren said. “Eventually, [Publicity Director] Chelsea [Boyer] came up with the name and concept, and we stuck with it, mostly because clouds, lights, and hearts felt aesthetic.”

Although MORP has the connotation of being a couples’ dance due to its proximity to Valentine’s Day, Student Council has a more inclusive approach.

“I know the Student Council members have been really trying to make sure that everyone knows this is not strictly a couple’s dance. I know many students have said that going with a group of friends is a blast since there is no pressure and you can just have fun,” StuCo sponsor Mr. Karolski said. “When I was a student, a group of students went together wearing suits with superhero shirts on underneath and really enjoyed themselves.”

MORP is prom spelled backwards to signify that, traditionally, girls ask guys to the dance, rather than the reverse, which is done for prom. However, Student Council has been working to assure that anyone can attend the dance in whatever way they desire.

“We know the name ‘MORP’ has pretty heteronormative connotations, so that is something we want to move away from,” Ren said. “MORP is super casual–it’s for anyone. Go alone or go with friends or pull off anything you want. I may or may not be showing up as a cloud.”

In cloud costumes or not, attendees can expect a night of fun.

MORP is super casual–it’s for anyone.

— Victoria Ren, Student Council President

Students should expect a fun dance! This dance will be our first dance inside NASH in quite some time and the DJ will be set up in the gymnasium with games and food in the cafeteria,” Karolski said. “We sought student input from homecoming and made changes to our plan based upon those suggestions. We have a new DJ who had excellent reviews and should make a great experience for all students.”

Great music to dance to is a guarantee.

“The DJ does take suggestions, so get in line,” StuCo Vice-President Gannon Sprinkle said.

Tickets to the dance will be sold through February 8th.

“Tickets can be purchased during all lunch periods this week and next week,” Ren said. “Tickets are $20 the first week and $25 the second week.”

Students will also need certain forms completed in order to purchase tickets.

Students should make sure that they have their dance agreements, and guest forms if applicable,” Karolski said.

Additional guidelines for the dance can be found in an email sent out to all students.

“All standard school rules apply to ensure a safe event, specifics are outlined in the dance agreement that is completed to buy tickets,” he said. “In short, show up to the dance ready to enjoy yourself and act in a way that represents you and your peers well!”

Additionally, those interested in volunteering and helping with set up for the dance can reach out to Karolski.

Student Council will be decorating most days after school for the next two weeks, and on February 11, students will be working late after school to get everything set up,” he said. “If you are interested in decorating, please let me know! We can always use more hands.”