Be mine, Valentine

Snowflakes are not the only things in the air of NASH—love is, too!


photo by Jess Daninhirsch

North Allegheny celebrates another year of love, appreciation, and candy hearts.

Aris Pastor, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day—a day for lovers, crushes, and panicking boyfriends that probably don’t have a gift planned yet. Still, the day has a long history of romance, so how is North Allegheny celebrating? 

Some people, like senior Stephen Gwon, are going the classic route. “I’m thinking of going to a fancy restaurant,” he said. “Valentine’s Day for me with or without a girlfriend is eating good food and indulging in chocolates.”

However, some member of the NASH community, like Latin teacher Magistra Ramsey, plan to have a much more casual Valentine’s Day. 

“I am probably going to be taking my kids to swim practice for Valentine’s Day, and maybe passing out some candy and valentines to my students,” Ramsey said. “Oh, and we’ll be doing taxes. And they say romance is dead!” 

Following a busy weekend with Morp, a Speech and Debate tournament, and a host of athletic events, a Monday Valentine’s Day is perhaps less than ideal, especially for students involved in the spring musical.

“February 14th is actually the first day of musical’s tech week, so I don’t really have any plans,” junior Brendan White said. “I don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts either. I’m not lazy, just not a big Valentine’s day person. If everybody bought tickets for the musical, though, that’d be a pretty good gift.”

Speaking of Valentine’s Day gifts, there are going to be an abundance of them being passed around, whether from romantic partners, crushes, friends, or family. Gifts have also had a long history in the holiday, and giving creative gifts is a proven way to get closer with others.

“I think [my favorite Valentine’s gift] was a necklace from my mom. It was heart-shaped and it was glittery, like those elementary school necklaces that I wore all the time,” junior Tori Wisniewski said. 

Gwon showed, though, that the best Valentine’s Day gifts need not be romantic.

“In elementary school, our class would exchange letters and candies,” he said. “My favorite letter was a toilet paper roll with words on it that read ‘our friendship is on a roll’.”

But romance is certainly in the air, and Valentine’s Day has the couples of NASH especially focused on their significant others.. 

When asked about his favorite thing about his girlfriend, Gwon said, “My favorite thing about Angela is her ability to make me laugh. Laughing always correlates with joy and bliss, and when you naturally laugh and have a good time with someone, it really shows how happy you are around them.”

Similarly, when asked about her husband, Ramsey said, “He makes sure that everybody in his life is happy and well cared for, and he problem-solves as best as he can.”

However, those who are single can enjoy the day just as much as couples, and friendship and familial relationships are just as important.

As senior Ella Baker stated, “I think that some sorts of love are just as strong as romantic, and that needs to be celebrated just as much.”