Out of the Box

Still Woozy’s show at Stage AE last month was extravagant, both musically and theatrically.


Curtis via YouTube

California-based singer Still Woozy performed at Stage AE in February.

Emily Janosko, Staff Writer

On Christmas morning, my siblings presented me with a shoe box neatly wrapped in blue wrapping paper. They had been teasing me for months; they had constantly taunted me with questions like “What do you think we got you for Christmas? Guess!” and so on and so on. 

But as I held this pretty box, it seemed absolutely weightless. There were definitely no shoes in the shoe box. My sister was staring me down with anticipation, while my brother occupied himself with the chocolate hidden in his stocking. 

Once I had removed the careful wrapping, I lifted the lid to find a lonely piece of paper sitting there, waiting to be picked up by my curious hands. I unfolded the paper cautiously and revealed my favorite Christmas gift. 

My siblings had gotten me tickets to see Still Woozy, one of my favorite musical artists of all time. It was by far one of the best gifts that I had ever received, and I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. I truly do have the best siblings in the world. 

The show was on Sunday, February 13th at Stage AE. There were three tickets, and my siblings proposed that I ditch them and take friends instead. That was a funny joke because there is no one I’d rather take with me other than my brother and my sister. 

I have been listening to Still Woozy since freshman year, and he has been one of my top artists since then. His actual name is Sven, a California native that records “psychedelic bedroom pop” in his own garage. 

When February 13th finally rolled around, my siblings and I stood in line for an hour outside of Stage AE along with the other people who would rather see a concert than watch the Super Bowl. We ignorantly decided to not wear jackets, and we soon regretted that decision after five minutes of standing in the Pittsburgh cold. 

The first opener was Still Woozy’s bass player, Legwurk. She had a head of crazy brown curls and was wearing what seemed to be a pink nightgown. She went up by herself, took the microphone, sang her heart out, and danced like she was having repetitive muscle spasms. 

After a short intermission, the second opener came out. Her name was Wallice, and none of us had heard of her before. She was accompanied by a guitarist and a drummer, as well as a bucket hat that she had made the night before. 

We all agree that Wallice was the best part of the whole concert. She had an ethereal voice and an incredible range. The guitarist and drummer both performed extremely well. After the concert, we listened to her on Spotify while driving home. 

Finally, Still Woozy took the stage, accompanied by Legwurk and Harry the drummer. The performance overall focused more on entertainment than actual music, which was slightly disappointing. 

However, Legwurk was nice on the bass, and she was the star of the show during the song “Lava”. Still Woozy himself also played a great acoustic guitar part during the song “Drake”. 

My favorite part of the set was Harry’s drum solos, by far. He ended Still Woozy’s set with an incredibly rhythmically accurate and interesting solo. Throughout the concert, he chose his cymbals wisely, which added the perfect accents to the overall sound. 

The concert was the perfect Christmas gift. Wallice and Harry definitely stole the show, but my favorite part wasn’t the concert itself. It was the company of both my siblings that made the night fantastic.