The Lasting Influence of TV Fashion

TV shows can inspire fashion trends that last far longer than the shows themselves.

As more and more TV shows are created, the options for beauty trends increase as well.

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As more and more TV shows are created, the options for beauty trends increase as well.

Sreeja Yellapragada, Staff Writer

Beauty trends rise and fall so often on the internet. For months at a time, we see basically everyone collectively participating in these trends. However, have you ever wondered where these exact trends originated or even recognized them from the screen that, only a few months before, was playing a TV show? In fact, beauty and fashion have been strongly influenced by what was on TV. 


Starting off strong, in 1984, the crime drama show Miami Vice popularized relaxed outfits in men’s fashion.  A suave blazer with a casual t-shirt underneath quickly became a staple for the “cool guy” look. The color palette of light shades of pink and blue became ingrained as part of the trend even after a new set of neon shades were introduced in the later seasons. Many companies quickly caught wind of this trend and brands After Six and Kenneth Cole created Miami Vice-inspired clothing and shoes. Macy’s department store even went on to create a young men’s section completely dedicated to the show and its fashion. Along with fashion, Vice created men’s facial hair trends. The slight stubble sported by the character “Sonny” Crocket was imitated by men throughout America. The trend even led to the release of a men’s razor called the “Miami Device.”


The show Friends is said to have shaped the 90s to what it was. Many references and fashion looks can be found to sprout from that show. However, one trend completely overtook women’s looks for decades. The Rachel Green haircut. Widely loved for its short-layered style, women flooded to the salons to get their hair done to look exactly like Ms. Green’s. Even so many years later, renditions of this haircut are still so popular. In fact, after the release of the trailer for the “Friends: The Reunion Episode,” interest in the haircut rose 179%. Many celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown, Christina Aguilera, and Hailey Bieber have also been seen rocking their own version of the choppy bob look, proving what far lengths this trend had gone to. Besides the hairstyles, the elegantly thin eyebrows and light smoky eyeshadow were first popularized through Friends. 


When it first aired in 2007, TV had not seen quite the high-society preppy fashion choices that Gossip Girl would go on to popularize. One accessory, in particular, that sky-rocketed in sales was the headband. The hair decoration was formerly dubbed as children’s headwear, but after watching Upper East Side princess Blair Waldorf rock the chic headbands, seemingly everyone wanted the same look. Along with this, every character in the show portrays their own unique style. Both main characters, Blair and Serena, have two completely different styles, but both styles still influenced the fashion world immensely. Blair’s preppy style, funded by Bergdorf’s, Barney’s, and Bendel’s, gives her the classy, chic, Audrey Hepburn look which many have tried to mimic through plaid skirts and button-down tops. On the other hand, Serena van der Woodsen’s “It Girl” style featured beachy waves and flowy dresses and tops – inspiring many imitators. 


The most recent show that is influencing beauty trends is the HBO Max’s Euphoria. The current generation that the show is primarily tailored towards, Generation Z,  has been proven to be risk-takers and more experimental than the generations before. So with that, Euphoria’s daring makeup and fashion looks represent Gen Z’s willingness to step out of of their own comfort zone. A couple of specific trends include glitter along the eye line and even using some gems to imitate teardrops, neon eyeliner or eyeshadow, and dramatic designs on the eyes and other parts of the face. Through Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok these beauty trends took off, allowing Euphoria to leave a lasting impact on the world of teen fashion.

Beauty trends can help unleash a part of people’s unique personalities, and many times these fads cause a lasting impact in many people’s lives. It can be interesting to see what other future trends may sprout from some of the more popular TV shows at present.