Let’s Get Ready to Dodge!

Preparing for the 2022 Dodgeball Tournament, Project Water is excited for both old and new traditions.


photo by Jess Daninhirsch

The annual dodgeball tournament will be another one to remember.

Anna Parsons, Senior Staff Writer

After a successful tournament raising over $30,000 dollars last year, Project Water is back in full swing and ready to raise even more funds this May during North Allegheny’s most anticipated competition of the year. 

Project Water has worked to improve access to clean water for thousands of people in Africa since 2015. Over $100,000 has been raised throughout the years of fundraising and that number will soon continue to grow as North Allegheny gets ready for their annual dodgeball competition. 

Our overarching goal remains firm and that is to utilize our strong, school-spirited roots here in Wexford to erect real, tangible water resource infrastructure on the ground in developing communities in Africa,” Director Graham Wolfe said. “We wish to continue doing so in an equitable way that emphasizes the esteem of individuals in these communities and the impact that water can have on people. There is still no doubt to us that water changes everything. We’re hoping to beat last year’s total and exceed $35,000 raised!

Starting March 21st, a launch video will initiate registration for the dodgeball tournament, where students can start to gather up to six of their friends to create their own team to compete. 

“We’re really excited about releasing our launch video. I have been given the amazing opportunity to work with some really talented people in my department,” Publicity Director Claire Majerac said. “We were able to reach out to a ton of students at NASH for this video, and it is making me so excited for dodgeball day.”

This year’s exciting tournament will include old beloved traditions as well as new elements to spice up the games. To adapt because of COVID-19, last year’s tournament was held on the tennis courts, and due to overwhelmingly positive reviews, this year’s tournament will take place there, too. 

This year’s tournament will look very similar to last year.  The tournament will be outside on the tennis courts as long as it doesn’t rain–the tournament will be in the gym if it does,” Project Water sponsor and NASH math teacher Mrs. Prosser said. “We’ll have music, three food trucks to choose from for lunch, and, of course, great competition!”

We will have intermittent prizes for teams who win their games on a specific court at any point in the tournament–not just the playoffs.

— Graham Wolfe, Project Water Director

To ensure that as many people that want to participate can, Project Water is implementing new rules for the competitors. 

We are ready to accept more teams than ever this year. Alongside that, we want to produce more winners,” Wolfe said. “We will have intermittent prizes for teams who win their games on a specific court at any point in the tournament–not just the playoffs. Prizes may include free food or product vouchers for local restaurants and businesses.”

The date of the NASH tournament is May 20th, exactly one week before seniors’ final day. The NAI tournament will be held on May 16th. 

The annual dodgeball tournament is not the only way Project Water has served others. Helping surrounding areas is also a priority this year. 

Many people acknowledge Project Water as an amazing single-day dodgeball tournament, but many of our ongoing service projects go unnoticed,” Logistics Director Abbey Hahn said. “Our top three service projects included our Summer Service Weekend, plastic bag drive and the mat conversion, and STEM education summer camp. We have always had great success in giving back to third-world countries, but this year we also wanted to put just as much effort into giving back to our local community.”

The Project Water Dodgeball Tournament has always been a way for students to come together in order to raise awareness and funds for those without the luxury of clean water access. This year that tradition will continue, creating a day of excitement and healthy competition.

Our main goal for this year is for all participants to have a fun day while supporting a great cause,” Prosser said. “The current seniors and juniors have been through a lot over the past couple years, so we hope to provide an opportunity to let loose and have a great time.”