The Penguins: The True Representation of Pittsburgh Sports

The team has done more than the city’s other teams to keep hometown pride strong.


photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette

The Pittsburgh Penguins scored 11 goals against the Detroit Red Wings, marking the first time they have reached such a tally in a game since 1993.

Manas Kathir, Staff Writer

When it comes to sports in Pittsburgh, no sport should be talked about more than hockey. Over the years, the Pittsburgh Penguins have maintained steady relevancy and given themselves a reasonable shot at the Stanley Cup every year. They are the latest team in Pittsburgh to have won a championship in their respective sport, and they won two championships in a row (2015 & 2017). 

The Pittsburgh Penguins, in their 55th season in the NHL, are doing nothing but making the city proud with their hard work, extreme effort, and dominating wins. Currently holding a 43-23-11 record, the Penguins are third in the Metropolitan Division, trailing the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes. 

The season began slowly, and as injured players got back in the rotation, the team progressed into one of the most dangerous ones. Two players specifically, Evgeni Malkin and Sydney Crosby, have boosted the team’s confidence and success since their return to the ice.

Crosby, since his return after missing the preseason and the first seven games, has continued his role as leader and captain of the team. This is nothing new, but his positive impact on his teammates continues to be seen.

Malkin, who returned on January 11th against the Anaheim Ducks, had an immediate impact on the team’s success. The Penguins stood at 20-9-5 before his return, and with his important contributions, they now have 40 wins. 

It’s not merely the fact that the Penguins are winning games, but it is the way in which they are doing it. On March 27th, the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings 11-2. This marked the first time in Penguins history where they scored eleven goals in a game since November 16th, 1993. Their dominating performances showcase how much of a threat they can be going into the postseason. 

Having said that, they have formidable competition ahead of them if they want to reach the end of the road. The New York Rangers currently stand at second in the Metropolitan Division, while the Carolina Hurricanes sit at the top of the throne. With 13 games left in the season, the Penguins will have to finish the season strong and hope for one of the two top teams to be in a deep hole heading into the playoffs.

Even if the Penguins do not reach the Stanley Cup, Pittsburgh fans should be proud of this team for always giving the city a chance at the chip.

Look at the other Pittsburgh teams. I personally do not believe that the Steelers have done anything great in the past decade, and to be honest, the Pittsburgh Pirates have just been a disappointment to the city, not even giving themselves a chance at the playoffs.

On the other hand, the Penguins have always remained a top contender over the years and it does not seem like it is going to stop.