On the Rise

The Student Council officers for 2022-23 emerged from a competitive election and are looking forward to next year.


Kate Gilliland, Staff Writer

`Unlike the real world where there is a presidential election every four years, at NASH elections are held annually. Last month, the results for the NASH Student Council elections were finalized and the new Student Council leaders were announced. 

The new president is junior David Shi, and vice-president is sophomore Sam Lopuszynski. Juniors Cate Maldia, Tess Erimias, Harshi Chinnam, and Maddy Kasunich will serve in the respective roles of treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and publicity director. 

“I wanted to make a difference within the student body. I felt like our Student Council and student body was so split. I wanted to bring us together,” Kasunich said.

As publicity director, Kasunich will be in charge of all things advertising — the posters in the hallway, running the NASH Student Council Instagram account, and making announcements during lunch periods and assemblies. 

Kasunich had her own strategy to market her campaign to the student body. 

“I went for more of a funny approach, trying to relate to many different audiences. So many people helped with my campaign by reposting, which I am so thankful for,” she said. 

Chinnam is NASH’s new corresponding secretary. She will be responsible for writing thank-you notes to anyone who assists with council activities and taking photos of various events throughout the year. 

“I’ve held the position of secretary before at MMS, NAI, and this past year at NASH. Therefore, I felt I was well qualified and experienced for the position.”Chinnam said. 

She will also lead the process to earn national distinction for the organization. 

“There were a few specific responsibilities, such as the National GOLD Award that the Student Council applies for, which requires some guidance since it’s insanely intricate and time-consuming.” said Chinnam. 

Junior Tess Erimias is the new recording secretary at NASH. In the past, she was a group leader at NA’s Just For Girls Camp, and she also led a fundraiser for mental health in her community. 

“As recording secretary, I am responsible for keeping minutes of all Student Council meetings as well as keeping up with member attendance. I keep the calendar for Student Council meetings and events to ensure everything stays as planned.” Erimias said. 

Cate Maldia was elected as treasurer. 

“I knew that I wanted to pursue some sort of leadership position in StuCo, since I really enjoyed being involved this year. I’ve always been pretty good with numbers, so treasurer seemed like a perfect fit for me.” Maldia said. 

As treasurer she will balance the budget by keeping track of the outgoing expenses and incoming revenues. 

Maldia also put maximum effort into campaigning to the upcoming juniors and seniors. 

“I tried to get my campaign flier reposted on as many Instagram and Snapchat accounts as I could,” she said. “Also, I really advocated for myself when talking to peers about the election. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of word of mouth.”

Vice-president is sophomore Sam Lopuszynski, the only sophomore elected to Student Council for next year. He ran for vice-president to be a connecting voice between NASH students and staff. 

“I ran for vice-president because I think that student voice is very important in high school. The students’ thoughts and opinions need to be heard, and Student Council is a way for that to happen,” Lopuszynski said. 

The incoming vice-president has many aspirations.

“I want to make the school a more enjoyable place for the students. StuCo gets to plan things like Homecoming and other events, so I look forward to working to come up with fun ideas that students will enjoy,” Lopuszynski added. 

Finally, David Shi was elected StuCo president for the 2022 2023 school year. Shi covered the walls of NASH with punny posters. Most were a play on his last name, such as “Shi’s your man,” copying the movie She’s the Man

“To start the election off, Kat Klinefelter helped me get pictures for flyers and the ballot image. Later, Vivien Li made the “Where my vote at” post for me; and Mayson Brokos, Reagan Sheets, and Katie Agamaite all gave me flyer ideas. Maddy Kasunich really helped me in the election because it was so relaxing to just be able to complain about things and have someone totally understand because they’re going through the same situation,” Shi said. 

Shi added that he is especially looking forward to his numerous responsibilities next year.

“Starting new initiatives for student issues, overseeing activities that StuCo does, and leading the school toward a friendlier and happier place,” he said.