You Are Home

Harry Styles releases his third studio album today, and it’s even better than anticipated.


Hanna Moon / Columbia and Erskine Records

The cover for Harry Styles’ third studio album.

Kat Klinefelter, Staff Writer

Today, 28-year-old British singer Harry Styles released his third studio album, Harry’s House. However, this would be the eighth album that Styles has been on. 

Starting when he was only 16 years old, Styles was placed into the band One Direction during his time on The X-Factor. Within five years, Styles helped produce five albums and played five tours. After his time in the band, Styles began work on his solo career and produced the album Harry Styles in 2017, with Fine Line two years later in late 2019. Due to “Love on Tour,” his tour for his second album, being canceled because of the pandemic, Styles took a break from writing. He used quarantine to finally slow down, something that he told Better Homes and Gardens he hadn’t done since he was 16. 

Living with six of his friends during quarantine, Styles realized that home isn’t something he gets from a house, but something he gets from a feeling. From there, he began to create Harry’s House

The plan for releasing Harry’s House was not smooth. The album name was leaked by a Target employee in the middle of March, forcing Styles to announce the album the day after the leak. However, album name leaks were not the only issue Styles faced. The entirety of the album was leaked two weeks before the release date, along with songs from Styles’ first studio album and one song he wrote during the One Direction years. After the leak, many fans chose to not listen to any of the leaked songs from the new album. 

Aside from the leaks, fans have already gotten a taste of the new album. Styles released the fourth song in the album, “As It Was,” on April 1. Within 24 hours of its release, the song became Spotify’s most streamed song. 

Styles also performed the album’s second track, “Late Night Talking,” and twelfth track, “Boyfriends,” at the first night of Coachella 2022. Since those performances, fans have excitedly waited for the full album to be released. 

The album was released globally at midnight on May 20, 2022. The album contains a mix of indie and traditional pop songs and, like the name suggests, gives the listener a feeling of home. The artist also continued his trend of having at least one song with a fruit in the name with the number “Grapejuice”. 

The most heart-wrenching song on the album is “Matilda,” which tells the listener that it is good to learn and grow, even if it means leaving important people behind. 

However, Styles saved the best song for last. “Love of my Life” says exactly what the title suggests. Styles tells someone that they are the love of his life. The song was originally teased in the album announcement video that came out almost two months ago. “Love of My Life” is both lyrically and musically beautiful. 

With every note and lyric in the right place, Styles has masterfully created an album that everyone can relate to. Fans everywhere are able to take at least one lyric and apply it to their lives and bring Styles’ vision — to feel like you are home — to life.