Heart to Heart

One last conversation between Uproar staffers and friends before commencement.

Waverly: With graduation being right around the corner for NASH seniors, many of us have realized that we are going to miss high school more than we had originally expected. I am a very sentimental person who does not enjoy change. So needless to say, throughout my final days before I become alumni, I have been reflecting on my time at this school district and all of the memories I have formed.

Halle: I moved here from California in fifth grade; therefore, a lot of my memories from elementary school do not come from North Allegheny. However, I cannot believe that I am already a senior who is going to walk across the graduation stage in just a few days. Looking back on all of the memories throughout my years here is surreal. I feel like I grew up so fast. 

W: On the bright side, we will still have the opportunity to see our friends and say our final goodbyes throughout the summer and at graduation parties before heading off to future endeavors. 

H: I agree. One of the main reasons I am looking forward to attending so many graduation parties is the fact that I can see my fellow seniors before we all embark on the next chapter in our lives. However, some of the parties overlap with my family vacation this summer so I am upset that I will be missing a few of my close friends’ parties. 

W: This past Wednesday, seniors traveled back to their elementary schools to relive their younger years and see how the buildings have somehow shrunken since they were last. As a McKnight Elementary school alumni myself, I enjoyed going to my former stomping grounds to see some of my old teachers and seeing the advancements made to the building as well. While we were there, I also realized how many of my current friendships blossomed in my elementary years. 

H: I definitely acknowledged that, too! Even though I was only there for one year of elementary school, many of the friends I made in fifth grade are still some of my best friends today. It is just crazy to think that after all these years we are all parting ways. I am attending Chatham University–located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania–but a lot of the class of 2022 is moving far away for college. A lot of change is about to occur during the next few weeks and even though I feel as if I am ready to move on to the next chapter in my life, I am nervous to start new friendships while I am still getting over missing my high school friends.  

W: I ,along with a few of my NASH friends, am attending the Ohio State University come fall. As much as I would love to surround myself with familiar people whom I have gotten to be very close with over the years, I believe it is important to branch out and start new friendships before going back to what is comfortable or familiar. NASH has done an exceptional job in creating fun activities and opportunities that have created life-long friendships in our graduating class. In previous years, COVID-19 did not allow for certain traditional events to occur, such as Prom, Senior Banquet, and graduation. We are so lucky that we were able to participate in these activities to wrap up this wonderful school year and finish out are days at NASH in a great way.

H: I really feel for the students from the previous two years who did not have the opportunity to partake in the traditional events due to COVID-19. This year has been the best yet and I am very grateful for all of the teachers and faculty that have made this all possible for us. 

W: I know that during the first few weeks after my graduation I am going to be a wreck. I loved my time spent at North Allegheny and I am not only going to deeply miss my classmates and teachers, but I am also just going to miss the North Allegheny atmosphere as well. This school district has provided me with almost everything I need to thrive in this world. I know I will take the memories I have created and the lessons I have learned with me for the rest of my life. I cannot help but feel sad that I will no longer be running to get to my class before the late bell or wondering what I will eat in the NASH cafeteria. At an event at the beginning of the school year, Dr. Dirda stated that this year was going to fly by–and she was right. I cannot believe we have reached the finish line. 

H: A lot of mornings I dread going to school, but to be honest most of my best memories come from inside the walls of NASH. I’m going to miss being a student at NASH and all that fun activities that come with it. I remember in elementary school I would always look up to seniors and think I would never be that old. And now that I am a senior, I still feel like I am in elementary school. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun! I’m so grateful to have gone to North Allegheny and I feel like I’ll be better off because of it.