Summer Lovin’

Sure, summer has its drawbacks. But for me, no other season is nearly as enjoyable.


Maddy Arluna

As fall settles in, the days gradually start to get shorter, a sure sign that the free and easy days of summer have once again passed.

Maddy Arluna, Staff Writer

Bad news, everybody.  Summer is over.

Four seasons. Luckily living in Pittsburgh we get to experience all four of them, sometimes in the same week. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of the seasons, but there’s one that stands out. Summer has my heart.

From the scent in the air to the gorgeous summer sun, I can name a thousand reasons why summer is the best season.

But I think my favorite thing about summer is, as most NA students would agree, is the fact that there is no school. We have three months to do whatever we want and whenever we want, and it’s awesome. The freedom of being able to anything and at any time. Not having the hassle of getting ready for school and being able to sleep in until noon. 

In fact, people are actually statistically happiest in the summer. concludes that summer improves both physical and mental health. The longer daylight hours motivate us to get outside and be active. Vitamin D, which is created by exposure to sunlight, also actually plays a part in making one happier. Low levels of vitamin D lead to depressive symptoms in many people regardless of age and lifestyle. Throughout the winter, the only way people who live in most of the US can get vitamin D is by taking supplements. 

Oh yeah, and summer weather is the best. Who doesn’t love being sweaty? Okay, so you might sweat a little in the summer, but how could you not love the warm weather? I much prefer wearing a t- shirt and shorts over snow pants and a winter jacket. Even in Pittsburgh, the sun will actually shine every once in a while in the summer. 

With the sunshine and the warm weather comes a lot of fun activities to do, too. Personally, I’m a huge fan of keeping that summer tan up. I think it’s much better than getting a blotchy spray tan in the winter.  And how could I not mention swimming? Whether swimming in a pool, a lake, or the ocean, it’s the perfect way to keep cool in the summer heat. Then after a long day of swimming and tanning, I get to go to work at an ice cream shop, where I get a ton of tips during the summer months. Trust me when I say this, we are open year round and get no business in the winter months. 

Nonetheless, I understand why summer may not be everyone’s favorite season. Not everyone favors the heat and humidity. Additionally, the high UV index, which can range from 8 to more than 10, causes some people to get sunburns. According to, whenever the UV is in the 8 to 10 range, it puts one at extremely high risk of harm from sun exposure. In fact, damage can occur in just 15 minutes from exposure. When the UV is over 10, burn can occur in ten minutes and it is advised to stay inside during the hours of 10AM to 4PM. 

In addition, many people suffer from summer allergies. states that there are many triggers for summer allergies. These include anything to tree and grass pollen to mosquito and other insect bites. There’s practically no way to avoid exposure, as there are triggers all over the country. 

But for me, no season is as enticing as summer.  And although the summer of 2022 has officially passed as of today, it’s not too early to begin dreaming of summer 2023.