Opinion: Kanye’s Apology

Kanye West, known for his social media rampages and neverending scandals, may appear unhinged in the eyes of the public. However, his life behind the paparazzi pictures and red carpets may not be as glamorous as it seems.


"Kanye West - Øyafestivalen 2011" by NRK P3 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Kanye West recent struggles have become fodder for entertainment, but they point toward a serious problem.

Sarah Klosky , Staff Writer

On Good Morning America, Kanye West publicly apologized to Kim Kardashian for the aggressive social media posts he has consecutively directed towards her after their divorce in February 2021. The Graduation rapper shares five children with his ex-wife, North (9), Saint (6), Chicago (4), and Psalm (3), each of whom was part of the custody conflict in the midst of the couple’s separation.

According to XXL, there was not a stable custody order following the divorce. However, TMZ reports that West is able to see his children at any time since there is no protective order in place, as long as Kardashian approves of the reasoning behind the visit.

The choices Kardashian made, both privately and publicly, regarding her relationship with Pete Davidson and her own parenting, had prompted extreme posts from Kanye West to social media.

Many speculate these posts could derive from when West allegedly stopped taking his bipolar medication, during his marriage to Kim Kardashian.  The Sun mentions the claims of West’s friends and discusses how his medication “stifled his creativity [to finish an album.]” 

West addressed all the drama and social media blasts in his verbal apology to Kim, stating that “[t]his is the mother of my children and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration because God calls me to be stronger”.

West not only is struggling to make amends to Kardashian, but the custody case remains an ongoing issue in his life. West spoke on the custody situation when he clarified, “I do have a voice, but I had to fight for it”. 

Although many find the antics of Kanye West to be funny and amusing to watch unfold, it actually exposes a dark and depressing truth regarding celebrities who struggle with mental illness. 

West has previously opened up about being hospitalized in 2016. This was in response to a psychiatric emergency that was reported a few hours after canceling his tour, resulting in his diagnosis with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes dramatic and extreme mood swings, often ranging from a low depression to a euphoric mania. 

Although it is not an excuse for these actions, much of his extreme, public actions have a correlation with symptoms of bipolar disorder. Some of the symptoms include increased energy or agitation, exaggerated sense of one’s self and confidence, and abnormally upbeat. 

By many, these may have always been viewed as nothing more than publicity stunts for years. However, his celebrity status was always a mask that prevented the question of mental illness.

This is a modern example of how it may seem as if people within the spotlight have endless access to support, when in reality, they may well have the most limited. To bring this topic into perspective, imagine how many more celebrities, like Kanye West, are in the midst of a mental health crisis right at this moment. People like West should not have to struggle in silence. 

Seeking help is often looked at as a weak, shameful thing to do in the midst of mental anguish. The pressure a celebrity may face to step aside from a seemingly glamorous life in order to better the most real parts of themselves is unimaginable to many.