Dinner before the Dance

After forming your Homecoming group, the next order of business is securing your restaurant reservation


Aris Pastor

Although the dance is the big event this Saturday, Homecoming groups are looking forward to beginning the evening at restaurants around the Pittsburgh area.

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

With Homecoming just a day away, dinner reservations are filling up.  With all the options in Pittsburgh, the choice is not easy.

Some students go all out and drive all the way downtown to dine in style.

Milanna Habib, a senior at NASH, and her group are going to Pizzaiolo Prima in downtown Pittsburgh.

“It has great Italian food and atmosphere.  Going downtown is also vey fun, and my group wanted to do something special for our senior year.  It is also convenient because we are taking pictures downtown,” said Habib.

Other Homecoming groups are stay more local before the dance tomorrow evening.

Jake Rechenmacher, a junior, and his group are heading to Nakama in Wexford.

“It accommodates the food allergies in the group and has the best sushi. It also was one of the only places that had reservation spots in late September.  It is also nice that it is close to NASH, so we don’t have to worry about being late”, said Rechenmacher

Nico Jacobs-Alacon, a senior, and his group have reservations at Olive Garden.

“Jon [Mowry] picked it and I am fine with anything, so I don’t have a problem with it.  The menu is also very affordable and I like the casual setting.  You also can’t go wrong with breadsticks,” said Jacobs-Alacon.

A restaurant that seems to be getting a lot of attention this year is Il Pizzaiolo in Warrendale.

Becca Melanson, a senior, and her group have their reservations set for tomorrow evening.

“I think it’s Italian.  Delaney [Kennedy] made the reservation.  Honestly, I don’t really care about the quality of the food, I just want to have a good time with my friends at my senior Homecoming,” said Melanson.

Lexi Sundgren, a senior, and her group are also going to Il Pizzaiolo.

“I have never been there, but it sounds delicious and looks special for Homecoming.  I just hope everyone likes it and has a good time,” said Sundgren.

Other groups, however, are keeping it casual, in the truest sense.

Sam Lenchner, a senior, is keeping it casual and eating in at a fellow group member’s house.

“It is just more relaxing and less of a hassle,” said Lenchner.

Jamie Frisco, a junior, and her group are getting Chick-fil-A catering and eating it at a fellow group member’s house.  

“We chose to just get Chick-fil-A because it seems easier and everyone can do it.  We also don’t have to worry about driving and making reservations.  It also gives us more time to get ready and take pictures.  We also won’t feel rushed to make the reservation,” said Frisco.

Regardless of their dinner plans, Homecoming attendees are sure to enjoy an evening out on the town before the dancing begins.