Sweater Weather

All four seasons have positives and negatives, but fall is particularly enticing.


Kat Klinefelter

The changing colors of fall foliage are among the main reasons for fall’s special appeal.

Lauren Lentz, Staff Writer

Out of all four seasons, fall is the best. 

Fall means the smell of pumpkin spice, the sight of colorful trees, the feeling of crisp weather, the sound of leaves crunching, and the taste of cinnamon. What could possibly be better? From the breathtaking sunsets to the festive flannels, this season is just amazing overall.

Fall represents a fresh start for me. It’s the beginning of a new school year, and brand new memories will be made. 

The Friday night football games are most definitely one of my favorite activities during this time of year. I’m sure a large majority of NA students would agree with the fact that cheering on and supporting our football team while spending time and having fun with our friends is just a wonderful way to spend fall nights. Not to mention the memories that are created that will last a lifetime. 

Another activity that I enjoy doing during the fall is going to a haunted house with friends. A popular haunted house that the area is Cheeseman’s Fright Farm. The thrill of getting scared and the rush of endorphins after walking through a haunted house staffed by skilled actors are truly what makes haunted houses fun.

Furthermore, the fall season includes popular holidays. Personally, my favorite fall holiday is Halloween because I think that it’s fun to watch scary movies while eating candy.

Additionally, the changing foliage is one of the prettiest things to see during this season. Who doesn’t love seeing the beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges in the trees? Unfortunately, these colors typically only last from the middle of September to the beginning of November until all the leaves fall to the ground and get covered in snow. 

Nevertheless, I completely acknowledge that some people may not prefer the fall. Whether it be the chilly temperatures or the time change, not everyone would call fall their favorite season. In addition, some individuals may struggle with seasonal affective disorder, which is brought on by a change in seasons. Of all the seasons, fall is when people most frequently experience this seasonal depression. Essentially, it can significantly impact the way a person functions in their day-to day-life, with common symptoms including anxiety, trouble staying focused, prolonged sadness, and issues with sleep. 

In short, for some people, fall is just too much of a struggle.

But for me, fall brings the most ideal weather conditions for wearing sweatshirts and hoodies without feeling uncomfortable. I also like the neutral colors that typify fall fashion.

To me, there is the most delightful season, the perfect time to settle in, slow down, and get prepared for the next and the coldest season of them all, winter.