‘Tis the Season?

Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

Now that Halloween is over and November has begun, Christmas is over-stepping into the spotlight. While some families start getting in the Christmas spirit as early as November 1st, others wait until after Thanksgiving.

Although Christmas is a very jolly holiday, Thanksgiving should not be overshadowed.  The purpose of Thanksgiving is to reflect on all the moments and people you are thankful to have in your life.

Rushing into Christmas will cause people to not cherish it as they should.  Waking up in a cozy bed on Christmas morning, walking downstairs to see presents under a glimmering tree, and getting to spend time off of school and work with family and loved ones are important memories to treasure.

It will also lead people to miss out on all the beauties of Thanksgiving dinner.  The stuffing, mashed potatoes, and rolls can not be fully enjoyed if the urgency for Christmas is on the mind.  Getting too hyped for Christmas can also lead to disappointment on the morning of the holiday.  

Snow is a necessity for Christmas celebrations.  Without snow falling on empty tree branches and slated rooftops, twinkling Christmas lights look out of place.

Thanksgiving decorations are the most slept-on out of all the holidays.  The warm tones of the oranges, reds, and browns add a cozy feel to the beginning of the harsh winter in PA.  

“Friendsgiving” is also a popular activity people participate in around Thanksgiving.  Friends get together and bring food to eat while catching up and sharing love and thankfulness for each other.  By racing into the Christmas season, great experiences like those will be missed.

Thanksgiving is not the only holiday that stands in the shadow of Christmas.  Hanukkah, Eid ul-Adha, and Kwanzaa are widely celebrated but still battle Christmas for the spotlight they deserve.

Starting to play Christmas music in November is fun at first, but it leads to a very annoying Christmas day.  There are only so many good Christmas songs to play.  They all get old after a couple of weeks of hearing them everywhere.  December 1st is the perfect time to crank the tunes and not be overexposed by the time Christmas rolls around.

In some cases, the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very busy for some people.  This means pre-Thanksgiving is the only time to decorate.  Putting yards of garlands and Christmas lights up can be a hassle for one person.  Saving it for December weekends with your family seems smarter.  It reduces and invites jolly memories.

Black Friday is the perfect day to put the tree up and start the Christmas festivities.  It is the day after Thanksgiving and the best day to do all the present shopping.  Starting Christmas gift shopping before Thanksgiving may save time, but it is not financially prudent.  The big sales have not started, and the jitters of excitement will lead to a plethora of gifts.

Another con to starting the Christmas celebration too soon is weight gain.  Studies have shown that around the holidays, people eat more food and gain weight.  By starting the festivities earlier, more treats will be consumed, leading to more weight.

By waiting until after Thanksgiving, the average person will not gain as much weight as someone who starts before Thanksgiving.  Also, snacking on Christmas cookies while waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner to be made will spoil the perfect meal.

In the end, waiting until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas celebration is the best approach.  It will lead to a better understanding and appreciation for each holiday.  It also is the healthiest thing for one’s mental and physical health, in addition to their bank accounts.