Recognized and Rewarded

NASH senior Ethan Byrne was named Student of the Month by Student Council, who recently launched the program to bring greater attention to positive role models in the school.


Kat Klinefelter

NASH senior Ethan Byrne

McKenna Flannagan, Staff Writer

NASH senior Ethan Byrne rarely goes unnoticed.

“I feel like I have high energy most days,” said Byrne, who was awarded Student Council’s first Student of the Month.  Though the semester break is near, the program is new to StuCo, who wanted to give greater recognition to NASH students who display outstanding character and hard work. 

Byrne had no idea he was being nominated for this award.

StuCo sent a Google form to all NASH teachers, asking them to submit nominations for the Student of the Month. The form required teachers to explain their nominations and name three traits along with specific examples that make the student stand out. The teachers’ responses were submitted to StuCo’s Student Recognition Committee anonymously. 

“This student is always enthusiastic in support of his classmates and puts forward his best effort every day,” a NASH staff member remarked. “He is always enthusiastically working to help his teachers and classmates, using his skills to help others and lead his peers.”

In the end, Byrne’s nomination, which received a whopping 55.6% of the votes, stood above all others.

One teacher described a specific event where Byrne went above and beyond in class to give a teacher a gift. 

“This student led a project creating a cart for another teacher. He worked diligently to ensure that all specifications were set up as the teacher wanted and led a team of other students to better build the cart,” the teacher wrote. “He worked on the project to ensure that fellow classmates became better with the tools and had an infectious enthusiastic attitude about the work presented to him.”

Other than being a good role model for other students, Byrne participates on the Golf Team, plays NABA, is a member of NHS, is a very active member of ROTC, and is a part of a flight academy program. In the future, Byrne would like to pursue a career based on the flight academy program. 

“I plan to go to college for aviation studies, aerospace engineering, or professional flight,” he explained. “I would like to be a pilot for the military and fly fighter jets.”

If Byrne had to describe himself in three words, he said would choose energetic, friendly, and kind. His teachers’ nominations fit this description perfectly, which is exactly the point of the Student of the Month award program.

“Ethan was nominated for his outstanding accomplishments in the classroom and positive attitude,” said StuCo faculty sponsor Justin Karolski, who added that the recognition is more than a mere title.

“He will be awarded free MORP Tickets,” Karolski said.