Halfway Through

With the spring term underway, students view the second semester with a mix of optimism and nervousness.

Maddy Arluna, Staff Writer

The second semester is upon us. With the first semester ending on Friday, January 13th, January 17th sees the start of new semester classes for many students, and many students have lunch periods that change to accommodate new electives.

NASH junior Anoushka Amit has varying emotions about the second semester.

“I’m actually really excited about the second semester. Obviously, there are going to be new people in some of my classes, which is exciting. “Though I’m going to miss all the semester students in gym class, the change is exciting for me,” Amit said.

Amit understands that entering the second semester, many students are feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement. 

I’m not really nervous about it, but I can understand if some people are. I would be nervous if I was changing classes too,” Amit said.

While Amit is excited about this change, not every student is as happy. Junior Claire Stewart has a different opinion about the second semester.

“I’m nervous about the change. I’m gonna miss seeing some people in my semester classes, but there’s a whole new group of people I have to meet too,” Stewart said.  I’m still kind of excited about it in a way, but yet still nervous. Definitely a mix of emotions!”

The gym classes also switch their units. NASH gym students have four units a year. During junior year they have swimming, cardio, strength training, and flexibility, as well as badminton. Seniors take golf, boating, rock climbing, and tennis.

NASH junior Kenna Melynk takes gym every other day year-round and is eager about the new units.

“Next semester, we get to take swimming, which I’m not really excited about, and badminton. I’m really excited about getting to play badminton, as I think it’s gonna be fun,” Melynk said. “Thankfully, I have 9th-period gym so I get to finish the day with swimming.”

Also, with the end of the semester approaching, students have to turn in their missing assessments, as well as take their final semester tests. Teachers are also working hard to grade everything before the semester ends, so practically everyone at NASH is stressing about grades right now.

Only 89 school days until the school year ends for the juniors and the seniors graduate. The home stretch is here!