To the Slopes

Ski and Board Club has gained traction this year at NASH.


Libby Heckert

The view from the lift that takes skiers to the top of the mountain at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Libby Heckert, Staff Writer

The NASH Ski and Board Club, like so many other clubs, has faced the challenge of reinvigorating itself after COVID.  But this year, headed this year by senior Abby Hershberger and math teacher Mr. Adam Marshall, the club is fully committed to its mission.

Herschberger recalled the excitement surrounding the club before the pandemic.

“My favorite memory would have to be leaving school early and heading up there with some close friends to go night skiing,” she said.

When the club returned to the school’s list of clubs and activities last year, Herschberger was all in.

“I’m also a part of the yearbook class, and last year we had a spread about the restart of the club,” she explained. “It was so much fun getting photos for the spread as well as skiing.”

Adviser Abby Hershberger takes to the slopes. (courtesy of Hershberger family)

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, it was in the height of ski season. After the slowdown of the pandemic, the club had trouble getting back on its feet. It was hard to schedule trips and get participation as well as transportation.

Thrilled that the club is back in action, Herschberger hopes that other students who enjoy the sport as much as she does see the value in regularly scheduled trips to the slopes.

“Every single person gets better each time they go whether you’re a skier or snowboarder,” she said.

The club encourages students to join even if they have some or little to no experience with skiing.

“I’m always so impressed when I see students out on the slopes,” Marshall said. “I am amazed to see what the veterans are able to do, alongside all of the progress that those new to the sport make.”

Marshall stepped into the sponsor role this year.

“I was a co-advisor for the Ski Club while I was teaching at McDowell [in Erie] for the past few years,” he explained. “Our nearest resort was Peek’n Peak [‘in Clymer, NY], so I already had experience in collecting student money, booking dates for the bus and resort, and so on. When I discovered there was a vacancy for the NASH Ski Club spot, I figured that with my past experience, I would be able to advise the club well.”

The club is a great way for students to build connections while improving on the slopes.

“Ski Club allows me to work with students I may not have the opportunity to meet any other way,” Marshall said. “I really look forward to meeting other students in the building and to seeing them outside of an academic setting. Plus, I get the opportunity to ski, which is always a positive.”

The club has already made extensive trips to Seven Springs, but additional opportunities are on their way.

“We have another Thursday trip and one Friday trip planned throughout the remainder of January and early February,” Marshall added.

The Ski and Board club meets on a weekly basis to discuss and plan their next trips to the mountains. Students who are interested in joining can reach out to Marshall ([email protected]) or Hershberger ([email protected]).