On the Criminal Minds Reboot

Many NASH fans of Criminal Minds have mixed feelings about the series’ reboot.



Criminal minds is a very popular, long-running show, that many NASH students enjoy.

Sarah Klosky , Staff Writer

Most NASH students are familiar with Criminal Minds, the very popular television series. Being a relevant part of our pop culture, it seems as if it was a show that has grown up with us. Making its premiere in 2005 and concluding in 2020, or so we thought, the series is noteworthy for being one of the longest-running shows of all time. 

Fans were sad to see the televised series canceled in its 15th season, feeling that it did not have a proper conclusion. According to the Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer, this is what inspired the spark for a reboot. The recently rebooted series has been renamed Criminal Minds: Evolution and is airing exclusively on Paramount+. Despite the title change, it is regarded as the series’ 16th season, but the show now has a new twist. 

The main difference between this season and the previous seasons is that the entirety of the season will be solving a singular case, as opposed to the former show, where one case per episode would be solved.  

The new series began with a two-episode premier on November 24th with episodes of the new season expected to run until February of 2023. Messer revealed that this will enable the show to dive deeper into the minds of the criminals, commonly referenced as the unsubs (unknown subjects). 

Many NASH students are avid Criminal Minds fans. Having watched the show in its entirety, they have a variety of feelings when comparing the newly-formatted series to the traditional episodes. Junior Keala Glaser said that she is really enjoying Evolution so far.

“I like how the entirety of the season is built upon one case so [the show] does a better job of developing the main characters and the unsubs,” Glaser said, adding that she feels these changes in Criminal Minds seem to make it more realistic. 

Senior Grace Yook, mentioned that “it takes a long time to solve cases in real life, so I think that the new season seems to be doing a good job with their pacing.” 

Junior Judy Branch noted that the new adaptation of the show is missing a few of the important main characters of the previous seasons, including Doctor Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Grey Gubler.

“I love Spencer Reid with my entire heart, and without him the show is pointless and boring,” Branch said. 

Branch also said, “The old seasons were way more creative–I wish they would bring those types of episodes back.”

Senior Kate Thirkella added, “I get tired of the same topic, it just gets annoying to me, which is why I liked the old series better. There was a new topic each episode and it actually kept me entertained.” 

With many varying opinions on this series, it’s likely too early to decide on the success of this show. Some fans may be huge supporters of the new adaptation, while some may show desperation for it to end.