MORP in Review

Though some students had complaints about the DJ’s choice of music, the dance was energetic and welcoming.


Izzie Trunzo

A group of students in the middle of the dance floor at last Saturday’s MORP dance held at the NASH gym.

Greta Mott, Staff Writer

If I am going to pay to be there, I am going to make the most of it.

— Becca Melanson, NASH senior

This past Saturday, February 6th, NASH hosted its annual MORP dance.  During the days leading up to MORP, students were talking about the lack of ticket sales, which led to sales being extended two extra days during the week leading up to the dance.  

“I was actually surprised to that many people went to MORP, I thought that no one was going to show,” said senior Delaney Kennedy.

When entering the building, there were coat racks for the students to use.  This was a very nice addition, since people were cold at the Homecoming Dance when it was 20 degrees warmer.  

Ticket lines and security were very well organized and time efficient.  After getting through the lines, students proceed into the gym on a red carpet.

The teacher-chaperones were very friendly and greeted everyone as they walked in.  Some even cracked jokes and were especially welcoming. 

Even with only one-third of the gym open for dancing, the dance floor was very sparsely filled.  Compared to Homecoming, MORP attendance, which was approximately 450 students, felt much smaller.  

With fewer people dancing, it was easier to breathe and actually move around.  There was no shoving and trampling of people, making it much more enjoyable.

“I enjoyed leaving the dance with no sweat or blisters from people stepping on my feet,” said senior Marissa Milliron.

Although dancing was more fun, the music did not match the preferred vibe of some students.  Many students complained about song choice and were yelling at the DJ to skip certain tracks.  Towards the end of the dance, however, the DJ started to take song recommendations, which the crowd appreciated.  Some students were not lucky enough to have their requests played.

“The only complaint I have is that I requested a song and the DJ said he would play it, but he never did,” said junior Nyla Brown.

When students needed a break from singing and dancing, the cafeteria was open with refreshments.  Within an hour of the dance, all the snacks were rummaged through and practically gone.  The water was also running out quickly.

“I went out to get snacks fifteen minutes into the dance, and they were literally all gone,” said junior Natalie Sens.

Along with refreshments, there was a photo booth.  Many students enjoyed having the opportunity to take even more pictures with their friends and dates.  The line for the booth was always long and looked like it was moving slowly.  However, the pictures came out well, leading many to say it was worth the wait.

Although the dance was three hours long, it went by fast.  Everyone who was dancing was having fun and enjoying their fellow classmates’ presence.  

Senior Becca Melanson was practically in charge of the dance floor, creating circles and hyping up everyone who went in the middle.

“If I am going to pay to be there, I am going to make the most of it,” she said.

The DJ promptly ended the dance at 10:30, and students casually filed out.

The coat racks were laid out and easily accessible for students to grab and go.  Again, the chaperones were very kind and said goodbye to all the students.

Overall, MORP was very fun and relaxed.  The atmosphere was much more light-hearted compared to Homecoming.  Although there weren’t nearly as many students, the dance floor was still energetic.  It felt like a big group of friends all dancing together, not a bunch of kids who don’t know each other awkwardly dancing.  The room felt as if  it had less judgment than it had at past dances.

Hopefully, in the future, NASH dances work to be more like MORP.  More students would actually go to the dances, and the students who always go would enjoy them even more.