A Rihanna Recap

The artist made a strong return to music after a seven-year break to perform on one of the biggest stages of the year.

Camryn Gray, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After what felt like countless commercial breaks, the time had finally come. Rihanna was about to take the stage for the Super Bowl Halftime Show after a seven-year hiatus from music. The singer has spent the last several years focusing on the growth of her beauty and lifestyle business, Fenty. In addition to spending time on Fenty, she also had a child with fellow singer Asap Rocky. 

This break from music caused fans to eagerly look forward to Rihanna taking the stage. Fans were speculating and making efforts to predict which song the billionaire singer would open with. The singer’s newest song, Lift Me Up, seemed to be the song that most fans hoped that she would not open up with. While many enjoy the song, fans hoped Rihanna would open with one of her classic hits. And, she did.

Rihanna finally took the stage beginning her performance with an intense look towards the camera, singing B**** Better Have My Money. The camera zoomed out to reveal that she was on a lifted platform, but viewers were not entirely focused on the platform. People began speculating that the singer was pregnant with her second child, which was eventually confirmed by Rihanna’s team.

Despite the ongoing speculation during the show as to whether or not Rihanna was pregnant, it was one to remember. The platform that Rihanna was standing on eventually lowered and she delivered an outstanding performance that included her biggest hits and great dancing.

Rihanna had a large number of backup dancers, each dancing very skillfully. However, the choreography and dancing were not what attracted the attention of viewers. The costumes of the backup dancers were criticized by the public. The dancers were wearing white puffer jackets, white baggy pants, and large sunglasses as Rihanna stood out amongst them in an all red outfit. The white costumes may not have been a favorite to all, but the performance was an overall success.

Dancers were dancing on the lifted platforms and the stage, while Rihanna danced alongside them. The singer proved her endless supply of talent as her dancing was just as good as her singing. Rihanna sang practically all of her most famous songs, making the performance memorable for longtime fans. We Found Love, Pour It Up, Only Girl (In The World), and more famous hits were sung alongside incredible choreography.

Rihanna not only sang and danced, but she also promoted her very successful brand. The singer touched up her makeup with one of Fenty’s many products to encourage Super Bowl viewers to shop from her inclusive makeup brand.

Viewers were still hoping for a surprise cameo from one of Rihanna’s collaborators, which did not occur. Drake was one of the most speculated surprise guests for the show, but Rihanna delivered the show by herself. The singer definitely made it clear that she did not need another singer to make the show great.

In fact, many people bought Super Bowl tickets just to see Rihanna perform rather than a football game. Celebrities like Adele ignored the football portion of the Super Bowl and waited just to see Rihanna perform, proving the excitement for the show.

Rihanna closed her halftime show performing one of her most famous songs, Umbrella. While singing, the stands were lit up as phone flashlights illuminated the stadium. The lights in the stands and Rihanna on the platform made for a great closing song. 

The show overall was clean and classic performance. The show was generally family friendly, which pleased many Super Bowl viewers. The signing, dancing, and subtle promotion of Fenty all came together to make a very successful and memorable halftime show.