On Schedule

NASH juniors are currently planning their senior year schedules, and for some, the decision is coming down to tough courses or enjoyable electives.


Sarah Klosky

Juniors are currently choosing their senior year classes and meeting with their counselors to discuss their plans.

Sarah Klosky, Staff Writer

When it comes to NASH students choosing their classes for senior year, it usually goes one of two ways. For many, their senior year is taking a compilation of tougher AP courses. While for many others, they dedicate their senior year to being the least stressful, by taking fun, creative classes. The question is, which is the more popular route for the 2023-2024 school year?

Junior students, themselves, were expected to put their class choices into Tyler SIS, by February 2nd. The next few weeks are dedicated to class periods meeting with counselors to discuss and confirm choices.

Many 11th grade students are choosing their senior year classes with specific career plans in mind that correlate with the accelerated course load that honors and AP classes provide. 

Faith Boring said that she plans to take “tougher classes, because I need to take certain classes to prepare myself for what I want to do when I’m older.”

Mia Hargenrader feels the same way.

“I want to feel more put together for next year because I took all the more fun classes I really wanted to take this year,” she said. 

Kacie Mitt is also intent on scheduling an academically challenging course load for next year.

“I definitely want to go into something science-oriented, so I’m taking many APs next year that will help me in that field,” she said. 

Bu there are just as many NASH juniors who are looking to add more variety to their schedule by signing up for electives that fit their interests and lighten up their school day. 

“I plan to take classes that are easier than this year, but I would still say that some are harder too,” Kelsey Finney said. “I want to make the most of my senior year but also make sure I am achieving as much as I can to help with college.” 

I want to make the most of my senior year but also make sure I am achieving as much as I can to help with college.

— Kelsey Finney, NASH junior

Oliver Williams mentioned that junior year has been the most stressful year of his life and that he wants next year to be different.

“I plan to take on a much easier schedule,” he said. “I want to make my last year at NA my best.”

Rebecca Murphy is also looking forward to a more relaxing senior year.

“I took really challenging classes this year, and I regret putting that much on myself at once,” she said. 

Class offerings can be found in the NASH Program of Studies. The NASH Counseling Department advises that every class choice should be made considering not only the academic level but also the student’s ability to manage the course outside of school if there are extracurriculars or a job involved.

Regardless of the route that future seniors plan to go down, both creative electives and content-heavy classes will create a well-rounded graduate. Postsecondary plans are always important to consider, but at the same time, the Class of ’24 has many opportunities that may be worth taking advantage of before graduation.

For junior Richie Powers, next school year cannot come quickly enough.

“I’m going to take a lot of fun classes, like cooking and pottery,” he said. “I’m tired of all the exams.”