Vinyl Records Are Where It’s At

The digital age appeared to have relegated them to the past, but listeners are re-discovering the unique pleasure of the old-school format.


Faith Miller

Vinyl is super in right now, and many people have a collection that can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

Faith Miller, Staff Writer

Vinyl records are back, and more and more music fans are making the investment, evidenced by the emergence of local record stores around the Pittsburgh area.

In the 1930’s, vinyl records entered the music game. As their popularity grew, the industry expanded until cassette tapes and, later, compact disks (CDs) were invented. 

In the last couple of years, however, vinyl has made a massive comeback. 

One catalyst for the resurgence may be social media. Lots of people who collect records have social media accounts to share their musical interests.

Another reason vinyl records are popular is the visual aspect. Colored vinyl is very popular, with records available in every color imaginable, allowing a vinyl collection to look like an art collection.

But perhaps the biggest draw is the sound of a vinyl record. A good record player can immerse the listener into the music. It can transport a person to another world and make them feel like nothing in the world exists except for this one record. For many music fans, it is a serenity that is unmatched.

Rare and special edition records are great finds. Lots of artists have old versions that only were produced in batches of hundreds at one time. These can go for hundreds of dollars and are rare gifts from the musicians who created them. 

Music is a gift, and buying a physical copy of a favorite record makes it worth more. When you can touch, listen, look, and exist with a piece of music the experience is riveting. 

A trip to the record shop is an experience as well. You walk in and the smell the old records wafts through the store, as you look through hundreds of records until you find the one you have been looking for for months.

Along with the  aesthetic, and music aspect of records, they are also a great investment. Some records that are in great condition can be appreciate in value, and there are always people looking to buy used releases in good condition, whether in person or on websites like Etsy and The Sound of Vinyl.

Records a more intimate experience than digital music because they provide a much more authentic sound. Hopefully, their popularity only continues to grow.