The Importance of Scheduling Electives

When scheduling for senior year, don’t lose sight of the variety of electives offered at NASH.


Miller Orris, Staff Writer

For the Class of 2024, junior year is nearing its end.  Here’s some advice from a senior.

Going into your senior year, try to take advantage of what NASH has to offer. If you can fit electives into your schedule, it will prove to make days go by more quickly. Even academic electives–including history, math, and other subjects–can spark interest in fields that one might not have considered otherwise.

Many of the music classes held at NASH go in depth to different genres of music making and different aspects of the creative process. In fact, many students have even been inspired to further explore music on their own strictly through these classes.

Honors Introduction to Philosophy class is a more traditional class compared to music or art classes, but the material tailors itself to you and your opinions. The aspects of philosophy covered make it very easy to digest as well. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who has an interest in philosophy, as you likely won’t major in it.

The art classes, such as Intro to Pottery & Sculpture, offer an easy way to break up your day. Even when taken during first period, I’ve found that the art classes in particular work to make the day seem shorter. Pottery allows students to bring something home that they can utilize, and I’d recommend any class that offers that.

Honors Journalism is a course I wish I had taken throughout all of high school. The freedom of expression it allows for isn’t touched by any other I’ve taken. The class’s free-form nature means, within reason, the articles can be done on your own time. With plenty of class time, it serves as a fun, creative outlet with minimal stress.

Many of the history electives, such as East Asian History, are also a great way to pad your schedule with interesting content. Additionally, Honors American Foreign Policy is another academic-focused class that feels like it isn’t. It’s structured in a way that makes it feel distinct from core history classes, and again, it breaks up the day.

Electives that work to make the day feel less monotonous are key to making senior year more bearable. Find classes that pertain to your interests, or try to find new ones. By breaking up the rigorous schedule of core classes, you’ll find it easier to get through the day.

Towards the second half of your senior year, you might find it harder to drag yourself to NASH each morning. It’s important to try as hard as possible to make it, as reluctance to come to school will only increase as time goes on. Try to make it to school when it gets hard, think ahead when scheduling, and make sure to add plenty of interesting electives if needed. Don’t be ashamed to utilize study halls if you’re going to need them.

You have likely tried very hard throughout your high school year, so don’t let up now; but when scheduling for senior year, remember to make it easy on yourself.