A New Foundation

The Girls’ Lacrosse Team hopes to continue their positive trajectory.


Randy Gore

Senior co-captain Leigh Failla has helped to lead the Girls’ Lacrosse Team tow winning record so far this season.

McKenna Flannagan, Staff Writer

The North Allegheny Girls’ Lacrosse Team has an infectious positive nature surrounding this season. They kicked off the year with high expectations, and with a current record of 6-4 overall, their WPIAL hopes remain alive.

For NASH senior Leigh Failla, a team captain, the senior players find the new coaching staff to be the reason for their bright spirit. 

“The energy has definitely done a whole 180 for the better. The team no longer feels pitted against each other, ” Failla said.

With this light shown on the players’ attitudes, it is no surprise that team has made impressive strides on the field. Failla described how the new coaching staff not only changed the energy but possibly the whole game as well. 

“I feel our track record is better this year because we have true orchestrated plays,” she explained. “We have coaches who care enough to give us critiques.” 

Failla is not the only one feeling this enthusiasm. Mila Prusak, another captain, expressed that the cheerfulness of the players is not solely on the field. 

“I love the team environment. It’s fun to listen to music and dance with your friends on the bus. No one is judging you, and you can just be yourself,” Prusak said.

This judgment-free zone has built a stronger team, though Becka Oates, another captain, knows that there is more work to be done before the WPIAL playoffs.

“The issues right now are communication and fast thinking,” Oates said.

But with the way the team continues to bond, these issues are sure to mend themselves. Oates also described the strong suits of the team. 

“Our defense is really good and so is the shot placement,” she said.

The varsity team puts in ten hours of practice every week. They practice on the NASH field every weekday from 5-7pm. These girls are hard workers and built to succeed.

See the NA Girls’ Lacrosse team in action. They play their big rivals, Pine-Richland, tonight at Pine-Richland High School.