NASH, Trending!

2023 has been a year full of various trends, which leaves many NASH students eager to join in.


Sarah Klosky

Ugg Slippers are one of the very popular trends among many NASH students.

Sarah Klosky , Staff Writer

In a world of constantly emerging fads, high schools are often the first to jump on trends. NASH is no exception. The moment something becomes popular, it is almost guaranteed that NASH students will catch hold of it. 

Currentl,y a must-have amongst students at NASH, Stanley Cup mugs can be seen everywhere. These cups have become extremely popular for a variety of reasons: it has a handle, a built-in straw, fits in most cup holders, and offers many colors to choose from. It can also hold up to 40 ounces of liquid, making it the perfect container for any drink. Although they retail for about $70 a piece, some NASH students say that they are worth the buy.

Puffer jackets and vests have also made their way into the hands of NASH seniors and juniors before the warm weather arrived. Being able to complement and elevate almost any basic outfit, these pieces have become a popular buy, able to provide both warmth and style, which is why this look could be spotted seemingly everywhere on campus.

With pajama pants becoming a staple wardrobe piece amongst students of NASH, nobody needs to wait for Pajama Day any longer. Rather than waiting for the occasional Spirit Week day within a school year, some NASH students resorted to wearing their comfiest pajama pants to school just about every day through the early spring.

To ramp up any comfy outfit, UGG Slippers have been worn by many different NASH students for almost the entirety of the year. With these UGGs being sold in both men’s and women’s sizes, everyone can enjoy them. Although they are almost always sold out online, NASH students still roam the hallways in UGGs. 

Flare pants, though, have been back for a while, and show no signs of leaving NASH. Whether they are flare leggings, jeans, or leather, many girls at NASH seem to own a few pairs in different colors. As these pants are beloved by most, they may stay relevant for a long time. 

Especially during the  unpredictable weather, many students are investing in Aquaphor, a healing ointment for skin. Many carry the product in their backpacks to reapply frequently, and they say it works better than Chapstick.

Squishmallows, a soft plush toy, are raved about by much of the NASH population. Many students make it a personal goal to collect as many as they can. With an array of sizes and animals available to buy online and at the McCandless Target, students have no shortage of opportunities to fuel their desire to grow their collections. 

In the backpack pockets of many NASH students, often an energy drink, like Prime Hydration can be found. Prime Hydration, created by Logan Paul and KSI, has a wide variety of flavors that are sold in local stores to NASH like Walmart and Target. 

All trends are different; some come and go quickly, while others seem to stick. However, whatever the case may be, it is assured that even as trends change, their existence will always be constant.