Let’s Do Lunch

Megan Hartung, a NASH lunch staff member on the deli line, memorizes many student orders.


Kat Klinefelter

Ms. Hartung serves up a wrap on the deli line.

Sarah Klosky, Staff Writer

For students, going through the lunch line is just a small part of their day. However, for the lunch staff at North Allegheny, a lot of time and dedication goes into the interactions they have with students each day.  

Because meeting the needs of the student body is the most important part of their job, the cafeteria workers put in as much effort as possible to make the best lunch experience for students at NASH. 

A part of this experience includes Megan Hartung, one of the most recognizable and arguably one of the favorite lunch staff members at NASH.

There are three lunch periods for students at NASH, but for Hartung and her colleagues, serving seventh period is “by far” the most stressful part of the school day, since the deli line feels the longest during that time.

Many students do not consider the multiple factors that go into being a part of the lunch staff. 

It’s not just handing out sandwiches. There’s more to it.

— Megan Hartung, NASH Food Services

“It’s not just handing out sandwiches,” Hartung said. “There’s more to it. There is a lot of prep work that happens months in advance. All of that prep work goes into sorting through the food we get and paying attention to the expiration dates.”

It’s a physically demanding job, as well.

“We don’t get to sit down,” Hartung added. “Most of my day requires me to be standing, which most people don’t tend to think about.”

Hartung has worked at North Allegheny for two years now. She loves her job because of “the kids, of course.” In fact, she has memorized the orders of many of the students who fill her line each day.

Hartung also thinks highly of the food she serves.

“I like the turkey wrap the most,” she said, before naming the strangest order she has received this year.  “A combination of tuna and pepperoni.”

Although they often go unnoticed, the lunch staff have a vital role at NASH, fueling students and staff for a successful day in the classroom.