AP Testing: The Senior Perspective

May begins with the big exams, but for the Class of 2023, it feels different this time.


Deeksha Rachupalli, Staff Writer

AP exams, which began yesterday at NASH, commonly represent the final, intensely academic stretch of the year.  But for seniors, the two-week exam period feels different this time.

Seniors have a unique experience when it comes to AP testing during their last year of high school. Usually around this time, seniors are committed to college and their scores on tests do not weigh on their admission to college.

“Schools know my junior year scores, so admission sort of depended on them, but now I’m solely doing it for college credit,” NASH senior Siddharth Jayakrishnan said.

What a difference a year makes.

“I am not thinking about [AP exams],” senior Helen Ye said. “I’m indifferent.”

NASH senior Sudi Chilukuri certainly wants to do well on her exams this week and next, but the pressure has dropped off considerably.

“I am trying my best and hoping for the best,” she said.

The Class of 2023 has a unique relationship with AP testing. The first time most of the class took an AP exam was their sophomore year, when the College Board administered the tests online as a Covid precaution.

“That was a unique experience,” Ye said.

With the return to paper exams last year, current seniors had to adapt.

“In-person testing takes more discipline,” Jayakrishnan said. “When exams were online, I was in the comfort of my own home.”

Years of experience with AP testing have led seniors to willingly offer advice to underclassmen regarding the exams.

“Study a little each night instead of cramming, and honestly don’t stress about it,” Chilukuri said.

Jayakrishnan emphasizes the significance of teamwork.

“Take advantage of group work, specifically study guides, and if you don’t have one, make one because peer input is very helpful,” he said.

By the afternoon of Friday, May 12th, another round of AP exams will have come and gone.  And before seniors know it, Prom will usher in what truly feels like the final stretch of the year.