Dresses, Nails, Hair and More

Prom is four days away, but preparations have been underway for weeks, especially for the girls.


McKenna Flannagan, Staff Writer

Prom is approaching and the North Allegheny seniors are ramping up for a night to remember. On May 13th from 7:30-11 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, NASH seniors will dance the night away. However, there is a lot more to go into Prom than just the classy night itself.  

Many girls of NA say that they have undertaken a lot of strategic planning to get themselves ready.

NASH senior Mia Fleming is attending Prom with her boyfriend, Sam Lenchner, along with a group of six other couples. Fleming’s preparation for Saturday has been carefully planned. 

“I got my dress at Get Dressed Formals in Leechburg,” she said. “I am getting my nails done at Skyline and my hair done at All The Rage Hair Studio for an updo.”

Sophia Palermo decided to take a guy from Mars Area High School to the dance. She may not be bringing a typical North Allegheny boy, but her preparations are still the same. 

“I got my Prom dress at Windsor,” she said. “My mom is doing makeup, for nails I am putting on fake nails, and I am doing my own hair.” 

Amid all the planning, Palermo’s excitement for Saturday night has only grown. 

“I am most excited about spending time with all my friends… and food, and dressing up,” she said.

Of course, there are other routes to Prom than the typical group of couples. NASH senior Diya Cowalgi is going in an eight-person all-girls group. 

 “I am most excited for just making good memories because people always say that the biggest moment of high school is prom,” she said.

The memories are not all she anticipates. Getting ready and finding the perfect dress is a major part of the Prom process. 

“I got my dress on Lulu’s website about two weeks ago. I tried on three dresses before I found the one,” Cowlagi explained. “My mom booked me for a hair blowout appointment at Salon Reflections.” 

There are many options around the Wexford area for girls to get their dresses, hair, and nails for Prom. 

“I rented a dress from Rent the Runway, or I will wear my backup dress from David’s Bridal,” Alaina Fantaski stated. “I am getting my nails done at Wexford Nails and my hair done at Glam To Go. I am hoping my friend will do my makeup.”

Fantaski’s boyfriend, Luke Grimes, has a more laid-back process in getting ready for Prom. 

“I had to rent a suit from somewhere,” Grimes said. “Oh, and I am getting a haircut before Prom. I’ll probably shave, too.” 

If only it were that easy for the girls.

“I got my dress from MB Prom. I had to try on many before finding the one I liked,” Maddy Kasunich remarked. “I am getting my nails done at Sunshine Nails and my friend is doing my makeup. And I am doing my own hair.” 

Spencer Barnett, Kasunich’s boyfriend, did his part as well. 

“I made a lot of preparations, including figuring out our Prom group and table,” he said. “For myself, I rented a tux and will get a haircut”. 

Regardless of the work they have put into this Saturday’s dance, one thing remains the same — are all thrilled for a night to remember.