A Senior-Free Week

The last day of school for seniors occurs a week before the last day for juniors, and the difference is noticeable.


Lauren Lentz, Staff Writer

For the Class of 2024, the weight of the school year will soon be lifted. Yet a somber feeling fills the hallways this week, as the Class of 2023 wrapped up their coursework last Friday. 

As a junior with many seniors friends, I dreaded the thought of having to say goodbye last week. Nevertheless, the half-empty school this week has its advantages.

Less morning and afternoon traffic is a wonderful way to end the school year. Now, I am not saying that it is only the seniors who cause traffic jams in the parking lot, but I do think that since there will be fewer cars, there will be much less traffic. This is convenient for the people who usually get to school pretty late in the mornings, like me. It is also convenient for getting out of the parking lot when the bell rings at 2:15. I am hoping it helps prevent any more tardies than I already have in my first period, and I hope that I will be able to get home in half the time that I usually do at the end of the day.

Just like the lightened traffic outside, there are fewer people in the hallways this week. Just the thought of the hallways being less crowded is relieving and calming to me. I think this will help me get to some of my classes on time, especially the ones that are down three flights of stairs and across the entire school. 

Although I am sure there are many more pros to the absence of seniors this week, there are just as many cons. 

As many classes at NASH are mixed between seniors and juniors, it is likely that final exams were given last week, causing juniors to be stacked with tests on their second-to-last week of school. 

Of course, it is not unfair to juniors that the senior class gets out a week early. The seniors still have to come to school and practice for graduation.

But it certainly does feel unusual this week at NASH.  Then again, one year from now, I’ll be in the seniors’ place and won’t have any issues with getting out a week early.