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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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In the Front Row

Under new leadership, the Student Section is aiming to return to tradition.
Ruby Morris

Last year, as seniors were saying goodbye to their friends and teachers, some also said goodbye to their role as a Student Section leader. Now, a new team has taken charge.

Jamie Frisco, Sam Graper, Natalie Sens, and Anthony Sciote  were chosen as the Class of 2024 Student Section leaders.  Throughout their time at North Allegheny, the four have always shown their spirit and passion in cheering for not only football but also other sports.

“I was shocked when I was picked,” said Sens. “I think I was chosen because I am not afraid to embarrass myself, and some of the leaders last year sat near me during lunch and saw that.”

While Sens had not thought about being Student Section leader, Frisco has long wished for the oportunity.

“I have always been interested in doing it, so when I got picked I was super excited,” said Frisco. “I also always yell at people.”

Sciote and Graper had been friends with one of the past leaders and were approached to take over his role.

“Our goal is to create a safe environment and make sure everyone is having a good time,” said Sciote.

I just want to see everyone hype.

— Sam Graper, Student Section Leader

One of the primary responsibilities of the Student Section leaders is to strategically choose the themes for home and away games, putting the less popular ones at the far away games. The first football game of the season last Friday featured the iconic beach theme, a fan favorite. 

“We have to meet with the Athletic Department to go over themes and get them approved,” said Sens.

The leaders have to do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the games go smoothly.

“We have to try and keep track of Skully,” said Graper, referring to the skeleton totem that symbolizes the spirit of the section.

In efforts to bring back the hype of the student section, leaders have decided to bring back the student storming before the game begins; which is where all the students run into the gates from the parking lot.

“We wanted to bring back some great traditions that my brother got to do when he attended NA,” said Frisco.

The group hopes that a return to such traditions will help improve morale in the section.

“I hope to see more people staying the whole game and cheering for their friends,” said Frisco.

Graper put it more simply.

“I just want to see everyone hype,” he said.

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Greta Mott
Greta Mott, Senior Staff Writer
Greta Mott is a senior at NASH.  She swims for the NA swim team.  She hopes to major in Marketing and minor in Film Production in College.

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