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Meet Stina Christensen, the exchange student from Germany who thinks American cheese is “pretty tasteless”
Ruby Morris
Stina Christensen

Why did you decide to participate in a study abroad program?

Ooh, I have to think about this! I think just to experience how kids my age live in another country and how their daily lives are compared to my life. I’m very glad I decided to do this.

How is North Allegheny different from your German high school?

I would say a big difference is that its so much bigger than my school. In my German school, we only have around 200 students. Another different thing, and what I really like about here, is that there are so many non-academic activities, like clubs and sports and what not. That’s something we don’t have in Germany. We just go to school for academics.

What do you miss the most about home?

My family, my home, and my friends. And the German bread. Definitely the bread.

What has been your favorite part about America?

I would say the people. There are so many nice people just coming to me and asking how I am or how I’m adjusting to America. I don’t think that you would get the same experience in Germany. 

Have you experienced any culture shocks while here?

Yes, the supermarkets. When I was there for the first time I was just “Wow! Everything is so big!” That’s also another thing: the cars, the meal sizes, the food bundles — they’re huge. I also learned that Americans have Christmas trees for, like, all of December. That’s very weird to me. In Germany, we put it up the day before Christmas and take it down January 6th. 

What class is the hardest for you?

For me, the hardest class is Anatomy because there are so many different things and names I don’t know. I have to memorize the actual part of the body and the German name and the English name. And there are so many of them!

I hear you’re taking AP German. What’s that like?

I think it’s really funny to see how non-native speakers learn German. I’m in the same boat when we study vocabulary, though. I have to memorize the English! But for me it’s a really fun class with really nice people.

What do you think about the American college application process?

I think there’s too much stress involved. In Germany, it’s so much easier. We just register around our graduation, so we don’t have to worry about university during the school year. There are also no college essays or anything like that. You just send in your diploma and that’s it. It doesn’t cost any money, too.

What English expression is the hardest for you to say?

Oh, I can’t say it… Grocery store? I hate this one!

What are your feelings on American cheese?

It’s OK, but pretty tasteless. I don’t think it adds anything to a meal. There are such different types and flavors in Germany. Cheese is just better there. 

How about American bread?

American bread is not bread. *laughs* Not real bread, at least! German bread is different and better. It’s so much crunchier and fresher and there’s less wheat. I miss it every day.

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Ruby Morris, Photography Editor
Ruby Morris is a senior at NASH and is very excited to be Photography Editor for The Uproar. She enjoys going to record stores, trying new Thai restaurants, and memorizing useless historical facts.

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