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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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Gratitude Season

NASH students reflect on blessings within their school.
Ruby Morris
Seasonal decorations in the NASH library

The day of turkeys and gratitude is drawing near. Families rush to purchase food, clean houses, and welcome guests. NASH, too, is prepared for Thanksgiving. The library and hallways are decorated as students and staff reflect on their own blessings.

One UCLA study on the health benefits of gratitude concluded that being thankful reduces depression and anxiety rates, supports heart health, relieves stress, and improves sleep. In a season when school and work become monotonous, a holiday break built around focusing on gratitude is needed and beneficial.

At NASH, students realize there are countless things to be grateful for, big and small, outside of day-to-day routine. With Thanksgiving break mere hours away, students are practicing the tradition of gratitude and reflecting on what they most appreciate about our school.

A number of students mentioned their appreciation of North Allegheny teachers. 

“I am thankful that there are adults in the school I can talk to if I need anything. You don’t get that everywhere, but I’m really thankful you do at NASH,” Emma Neff, a NASH junior, said. 

Another junior, Lauren McGuire, said she feels “thankful for my teachers and how supportive they really are in my everyday life.”

According to junior Jack Bernstein, our other staff members deserve recognition as well, such as Charles Hill, NASH’s security guard.

“I am very thankful for him,” Bernstein said. “He is an awesome dude with a cool story. He cares about us and the whole school.”

In contrast, Sabrina Balent, a junior, starts off her list of appreciation by declaring her gratitude for the small ledge in front of the mirror in the bathrooms.

I am constantly surrounded by very motivated people, which is one of the best benefits that NA provides.

— Santino Scialabba, NAHS junior

“You can do makeup in the mornings without blocking the sinks or accidentally turning on the water!” she said.

According to Balent, the bathroom ledge isn’t only the big picture that needs appreciating. 

“The little things are important, too,” she joked.

Another junior, Sarina Luke, said that she is grateful for “the variety of clubs and activities” because it allows for “everyone to have a unique place to find something they love.”

Maddie Cernicky, a junior, got even more specific.

“I am grateful for Christian Club,” she said. “It is a nice place to meet new people that you automatically feel super close with and have a bond with. It is relaxing and such a breath of fresh air in the school atmosphere.”

Looking at North Allegheny as a whole, Santino Scialabba, a junior, touches on the opportunities and doors NA opens for its students.

“I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to be where I am today, both physically and mentally,” Scialabba said. “I am constantly surrounded by very motivated people, which is one of the best benefits that NA provides.”

Nick Kline, a junior, is appreciative of the people around him.

“I am thankful for my friends in the school who understand me and allow me to express myself,” he said.

Thanksgiving is here, and so is the season of gratitude. While NASH students go through their days, Cernicky would remind her peers, “When I remember to be grateful, it makes it a lot easier to get up at 5:00 to come here!”

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Jaycee Mae Faber, Staff Writer
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