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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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At Your Fingertips

We use them every day, so how do they remain so plentifully stocked?
Ruby Morris

Have you ever wondered about those certain commodities that are always here at NASH but not commonly talked about? Those items that are passed by every day with hardly a thought about their existence?

The vending machines at NASH — ten in total — are used by students all day long, but they rarely stop and wonder how the machines are always filled to the brim with food and drinks.  

Mrs. Mary Anne Foglio, Secretary to the Principal at NASH, and others in the front office, are the ones mainly in charge of these machines. 

“The machines directly across from the main office have a private company that comes in and does a great job of restocking,” Foglio said. “The Pepsi machines are a little different. They are maintained strictly by Pepsi.” 

But a simple trip to a vending machine during a free period or lunch does not always go as planned, as junior Lauren McGuire recently experienced.

“While in the process of getting myself a snack, I put my money into the machine, expecting it to release what I paid for, but nothing ended up happening,” McGuire said. “It didn’t do anything, and I wasn’t able to get my money back, which was extremely annoying.”

Most of the vending machines have phone numbers on the side of them that can be used if any problems occur. But Foglio explained that there are other procedures that can be followed if students feel the need.

“On some of the machines, there are little envelopes on the side where the students fill out the information,” she said. “When the gentleman comes back to fill them up, he refunds them, and we get the money back for the students.”

Foglio advises common consumers of these machines to take a look at them first to make sure they are operating properly before inserting money.

Though there are some problems that occur with these machines, it doesn’t affect their hold over the student body. The vending machines are here for the students, so trust that they take full advantage of them.

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Annika Good
Annika Good, Staff Writer
Annika is a Junior at Nash and this is her first year writing for The Uproar. She loves reading, music, and hanging out with friends. She loves to write and looks forward to doing so throughout the year.

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