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A Review of Venus

Swedish star Zara Larsson latest release reaches the next level.
Sommer House: Epic

Zara Larsson, Swedish popstar, released her fourth studio album Venus on February 9th.  Larsson rose to fame after winning Talang (the Swedish version of Got Talent) in 2008.  She has worked with many talented artists, such as Clean Bandit and David Guetta.

Venus has 12 songs and is 39 minutes long.  Larsson said the meaning of Venus is to symbolize the kind of energy she wants to embrace in the new chapter of her life.  Venus exudes confidence and goddess-like energy.

The first track, “Can’t Tame Her,” talks about a girl with a wild spirit.  Everyone wants her, but no one can have her.  She is her own individual and does as she pleases.  The production of the song sounds like an 80’s pop song and has a very moveable beat.  Her vocals are highlighted during the bridge of the song where she belts and shows off her range.

“More Than This Was,” the second track, reveals Larsson wanting to give a past relationship one last try before saying goodbye for good.  The melody is the best part of this song because it is so catchy.

The third track “On My Love ft. David Guetta,” was also one of the singles released prior to the album drop.  This song is more E.D.M than her others.  The song talks about the lengths someone will go to for the ones they love.  Although the lyrics repeat a lot in the song, Larsson’s vocal talent makes up for it.  Her voice is strong and has such a rich tone that works well with the production.

The fourth track, “Ammunition,” is delivered from the perspective of a person fighting for their relationship.  They are asking for metaphorical ammunition to use to save the relationship due to their partner’s distant tendencies.  The song ends with an instrumental for the last 40 seconds, which makes it unique.

“None of These Guys” is the fifth track.  The song talks about how no other guy compares to hers.  She talks about how much better her man is than all the other ones pursuing her.  Throughout the song, there is a cool effect on Larsson’s voice which adds to the E.D.M aura.

The sixth track on the album, You Love Who You Love,” is my favorite song of all time.  The song examines the relatable feeling when one of your friends is in love with a guy who doesn’t treat her right.  No matter how many times you try to help them, they just say they can’t help who they love.  The upbeat music and Larsson’s vocals create a confident vibe.

“End Of Time,” the seventh album track, builds beautifully.  It starts with a soft verse and chorus, but once it reaches the bridge and last chorus, it opens up and Larsson’s belting range is showcased.  The meaning of this song is that,when you love someone, you will do anything to keep them forever.

The eighth track “Nothing,” talks about how in a relationship when someone says “It’s nothing” when asked what is wrong, it is in fact never nothing.  The production of this song ruins it a little for me.  Overall, it is my least favorite on the album.

The next track “Escape,” features Larsson asking someone to be her escape from reality.  The mention of paradise and private jets with the addition of the uptempo beat, creates a feel good energy.  The song is fun to listen to and would be good on a beach playlist.

“Soundtrack,” the tenth track, has a beautiful melody with a string arrangement.  Larsson conveys so much emotion through her voice in this song.  The song talks about a young love she had, delving into how it wasn’t the perfect relationship but she still cherishes it to this day.  The lyrics are beautifully written and her voice is so sweet.

Next is the title track of the album, “Venus.”  Larsson sings about how the person she is dating makes her feel like the goddess of love, Venus.  The production is similar to an 80’s pop song, which adds a retro effect.  The song fits the goddess-like vibe Larsson was going for with the album.

The final track on the album is “The Healing,” the standout ballad of the album.  It examines how past relationships have scarred her.  The chorus is Larsson asking if she can be with this person after she is healed.  The song brings attention to how people should give themselves time to heal and focus on themselves before getting into another relationship.  The production is very low-key, with just a piano for most of the song.  I love how Larsson ends the album with a soft, sentimental number.

Venus is the perfect mix between feel good E.D.M songs and emotional ballads. Larsson has yet to release a bad song, and I am excited for her next drop.

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Greta Mott
Greta Mott, Senior Staff Writer
Greta Mott is a senior at NASH.  She swims for the NA swim team.  She hopes to major in Marketing and minor in Film Production in College.

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