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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

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Good Talk: Mr. Miller

Meet NASH’s new Assistant Principal!
Ruby Morris
Mr. Miller

Where are you from?

I am originally from the small town of Leechburg, Pennsylvania, but I currently live in Butler.

How long have you worked in education?

I’ve been in education for ten years. I spent all of my professional career prior to coming to NASH at Slippery Rock Area High School. I was a substitute teacher there, a full-time social studies teacher, and most recently Assistant Principal.

Why did you decide to enter the field?

From a very young age, I knew that I had a desire to be an educator. My aunt is a social studies teacher at Valley High School, so I am sure that she had some influence as someone I aspired to be like. I’ve always enjoyed being helpful to others and seemed to be sought out as someone who could explain concepts in ways that others could understand.

Have you always known that you wanted to work in education or did you have other aspirations?

Despite always wanting to be an educator, I went into my freshman year of college as a Computer Science major. I was influenced by several adults in my life who tried to convince me that education was a “mediocre” career path and that I should work in a more lucrative field. I quickly realized that I needed to stay true to myself and follow the path that my heart was set on, which was education. Luckily for me, working in education has been far from a “mediocre” path!

Where did you work previously?

In addition to my education experience, I served for ten years and ten months in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as an Infantry Officer. I just recently resigned my commission in December 2023.

How do you feel stepping into your new role?

To say I’m excited is an understatement. But, if I am being honest, I was a bit anxious with the sheer size difference of NASH compared to the school I previously worked for and my own personal high school experience.

What do you anticipate you’ll enjoy most at NASH?

The people! The students, staff, and community seem to be filled with so much pride to be a part of North Allegheny, and I am so excited to now be a part of that myself.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Empathetic, resilient, adventurous

How do you spend your time outside of NASH?

I have a 16-month-old son, so I try to spend as much time as possible with him and my wife whenever I am not at work. I love spending time outdoors and enjoy fly fishing, hunting, and staying active. Currently, I am training to run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2024.

Favorite vacation you’ve been on?

Any vacation with family is a good one in my opinion. I am not a big fan of the beach, but my wife loves the beach, so we alternate vacation destinations. I’ve been to Colorado a handful of times, and those trips have definitely been my personal favorite vacations. I definitely would like to explore some more western states in the future.

Do you have any pets?

I have two cats. They are both big, long-hair, orange cats from the same litter who are over 18 pounds each! I might take some heat for this, but I had dogs growing up and loved them, but I am more of a cat person now that I’ve experienced both.

If you were deserted on an island, what three items would you bring?

A multi-tool, a water-filtration system, and a photo of my family. If I were strictly being practical, my third item would have been a flint for starting a fire, but I would need the photo of my family to keep my sanity.

Favorite class in high school?

Any history/social studies class, but I also enjoyed a lot of my English courses. If I were forced to choose just one, I would probably say World Cultures.

Favorite music genre or artist?

I know a lot of people say this, but I listen to pretty much everything. It really depends on what activity I am doing. My wife and I recently went to a Drew & Ellie Holcomb concert, so I’ve been listening to a lot of their music. My son also really likes to jam to The Wiggles, so that’s probably going to show up on my Spotify Wrapped this year!

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    Abigail peighApr 3, 2024 at 4:50 pm

    Welcome to NA we’re glad you chose to be our new assistant principal! We can’t wait for you to get connected to NASH! Welcome!