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Featured NASH Artist: Brooklyn Hollaway
Ruby Morris
Brooklyn Hollaway in AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art student Brooklyn Hollaway began her creative journey in elementary school. She attributes her start to her friend Iris Hong, also a NASH senior with immense artistic talent. Ever since then, Hollaway has continued to create.


Throughout her journey, Hollaway has experimented with many styles.

“I like many styles,” she said. “Recently, I’ve been drawing in a more rendered cartoon style. I also love doing realism.”

Hollaway has also experimented with a variety of artistic mediums, including paint, printmaking, ink, markers, pencils, and colored pencils. Currently, She is primarily a digital artist and mostly works on her iPad, but she enjoys the traditional, hands-on approach to art as well. 

Hollaway has also been implementing mixed media, where ​​she sketches in pencil, lines with ink, and colors with colored pencils. Then she goes over the image with markers and more colored pencils.  Finally, she takes a picture of the composition and edits it digitally.

Brooklyn Hollaway

Though her art consists of much deliberate thought into creative and original ideas, Hollaway derives inspiration from listening to what she describes as “weird fast music” while scrolling through content by artists on Instagram.

Hollaway believes that she has grown a lot in her process, saying that in the early stages of her journey, she drew “very flat and rendered artworks as well as bad anatomy.” She also mainly stuck to portraits.

One major advancement in her development was the recent incorporation of storylines into her art

“I to make up little stories,” she said.

With graduation on the horizon, Hollaway believe that her artistic journey is only beginning. She has deoted herself to practicing animating and learning 3D animation and modeling, all with the goal of someday landing her dream job.

“I plan on majoring in Computer Science [in college], with a minor in art,” she said. “I hope to find a career in game development and design to bring together the skills of technology and art.”

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Teju Annamaraju
Teju Annamaraju, Staff Writer
Teju is a senior at NASH. Outside of school, she dances and, when she has free time, likes to write and code websites. She is always sleepy and tries hard to pay attention in period 1 Physics.

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