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Dress to Impress

A Look at 2024 Prom Dress Trends
Ruby Morris
courtesy of David’s Bridal in The Block at Northway

Prom is the most glamorous night of the year.  Many girls start prom dress shopping months in advance in an attempt to find the perfect dress.  This year’s prom dress trends are very different from past years’ trends.

The first, and most controversial prom dress trend are the “Easter” dresses.  These dresses are much more casual than the typical prom dresses, usually having some kind of floral print, and are poofy.  People either love them or hate them.

“I’d rather wear an Easter dress over a sparkly dress,” NASH senior Natalie Sens said.

Senior Izzie Trunzo agrees. 

“I love them because they are cheaper and more affordable,” Trunzo said.

However, not everyone is a fan of the style.

Senior Angela Huang said, “They are too casual for Prom, and they look like shower loofahs.”

Senior Jordan Frisco’s thoughts on the trend are mixed.

“I think they are cute, but not for Prom,” she said.

The “Easter” style seems to be more financially prudent than other brands, such as Sherri Hill, one of the most popular Prom brands that usually makes big, sparkly dresses.

 “Sherri Hill is overrated and overpriced,” said Trunzo.

Sens, on the other hand, said she just prefers simplicity over glam.

The second trend is corsets.  Many dresses this year have corsets.  Girls like this style because of how it flatters the waist, and the popularity of corsets is clear–many Prom-goers will be wearing the style.

Frisco said, “I think they’re pretty, especially when the dress is strapless because it cinches the waist.”

Although Huang thinks the corsets are pretty, she said, “I don’t think they are timeless, and it would be something you look back at and cringe at.”

Sens points to another drawback regarding the corset trend.

“It just looks like it would be uncomfortable,” said Sens.

Trunzo shared a similar sentiment.

“They’re not convenient when sitting down for dinner, and I would rather be comfortable than agitated,” she said.

The third trend is one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder necklines.  More and more prom dress companies are designing dresses with creative straps.

 “I like them because they are different and they add a little bit of personality to the dresses,” Huang said.

Frisco prefers traditional straps but still thinks one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder can be fashionable.

The final trend is open backs.  Typically the “Easter” or more mature dresses have open backs, but the style is making its way into Prom fashion.

“I feel like a lot of elegant dresses have open backs,” Huang said. “They add detail and a sense of class.”

Trunzo likes the backless look for standing up or taking photos but is not sure how comfortable it would be for extended periods of sitting.

“I think the style is super pretty,” Sens said. “The one thing I needed for my Prom dress was for it to have an open back.  I think it is just so flattering.”

No matter what is trending, North Allegheny girls attending Prom on May 11th are excited to show off their creative sense of style.

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Greta Mott
Greta Mott, Senior Staff Writer
Greta Mott is a senior at NASH.  She swims for the NA swim team.  She hopes to major in Marketing and minor in Film Production in College.

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