Screenshots / Mission: Impossible — Fallout

Thrilling stunts and breathtaking locales make this latest installement of the series one of the year's must-see's


graphic by D. Crickets

Megan Wilson, Reporter

Tom Cruise gives another memorable performance as Ethan Hunt in the latest installment of Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Followers of the Mission: Impossible franchise have come to expect fast-paced action, suspenseful plots, and daredevils stunts.  Fallout delivers all of these things. In addition to Cruise resuming his role as Ethan Hunt, the casting of Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg as Cruise’s IMF team members provides continuity to the storyline and quickly immerses the viewer into the plot line of the movie.

The story begins two years after we last saw Ethan and his crew. The Syndicate is still active, even though their leader, Solomon Lane, is still in prison.  A radical faction of the Syndicate has formed The Apostles. Their goal is to acquire plutonium in order to carry out a devastating nuclear attack. Ethan and his team are sent to buy the plutonium and stop the nuclear attack. Within minutes of the opening scene, the action begins as Ethan saves the life of Ving Rhames’ character, Luther.

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courtesy of Paramount Pictures

As the movie continues, Ethan and his team wind their way through the streets of breathtaking locations, such as Paris and Belfast, as they try to defeat the enemy and protect the precious cores filled with plutonium. Throughout the various plot twists and action sequences, Ethan must grapple with the consequences of his past actions, such as marrying Julia and retiring from the IMF while performing death-defying acts in order to save the world from the Apostles. There are multiple close calls and obstacles in their way as they try to accomplish their goal and save the many lives that are at stake.

At the end of the movie, the Apostles are in possession of the cores and the IMF team is in a frantic need to stop them before they set them off like bombs. Ethan and his team are desperate to find a way to remove the key so the bombs won’t go off. It is a race against time to prevent the Apostles’ evil plot from being carried out. The team rushes in and battles the cold climate of Norway in order to stop the bombs from going off. In the end, the team saves the day and protects the lives of many innocent people.

The plot twists within Fallout keeping the viewer guessing and on edge throughout the duration of the film. As the movie progresses, Cruise’s stunts don’t disappoint and prove that he is one of Hollywood’s top entertainers. Having backdrops that include Belfast, Paris, and London further intensifies the stunts and action sequences. Combining these film effects with Cruise performing his own stunts makes this an edge-of-your-seat experience.

The heart-stopping action, plot twists, thrilling stunts, and breathtaking views make this a must-see action movie, and one of the most captivating movies of the year.