CW Show Reviews

Melina Tripoli and Rachel Morrell

Over the past couple of weeks, the CW, a popular television network, has released multiple season and series premieres. Many students at NASH are excited about new episodes of The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, Arrow, and Supernatural, and after hearing our friends and classmates rave about them, Melina and I decided to give our own opinions about many of these new shows.

Disclaimer: It would be unfair of us to review the shows that we really have no experience with, so we only looked at the series of which we have watched the past seasons. There were also series and season premieres of the shows Supernatural, Dynasty, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, All American, and Black Lightning.


The Flash (Rachel)

What I think: This first episode was very different from the action-packed episodes that season 4 left us with. It was far more family-based — besides the whole ending with Gridlock and the mysterious villain — and had a lot of hearty moments. Watching the relationship with Nora and Barry grow was honestly really cute, and I was touched when Nora opened up about why she time-traveled to see her family. Barry is doing really well with teaching Nora, and I’m super excited to see more of it in the future. I also really liked how the original Team Flash was back together. Wally was back after being away with the Legends of Tomorrow, and the Allen family was united again.


What I think will happen: With Nora staying at S.T.A.R. Labs, we’re going to see a lot of speedster team-ups. I’m hoping that the writers will show us more of the mysterious villain who made a surprise appearance at the end, and I’d love more crossovers with Arrow and Supergirl!


Riverdale (Melina)

What I think: This was not the best episode that they could have started out with. It felt as though they were jumping around in the episode — going from court, to the past summer, to fixing a car, back to court, and so on. To me, it just felt very out of order and random. Also, the new storyline with the Gargoyle King is very different from where I thought they would go. What I did like was how they finished Archie’s trial before the end of the episode so that viewers didn’t have to wait until the next episode for the answer.

What I think will happen: It is pretty clear that the Gargoyle King is going to have a big part in this season and is likely to be the next Black Hood. I’m hoping the writers go into more about the farm Polly stayed at, as well as meet the people who lived there too. More importantly, though, I want to see Archie out of jail and see Hiram behind those bars instead — but with these writers you never know where they will go.  



Supergirl (Rachel)

What I think: This was a decent premier episode. I think that the storyline could be a bit more interesting, but hey, we still have a whole season to jump into the juicy stuff. I am really sad to see Kara and J’onn J’onzz not teaming up anymore — they were so iconic! The whole issue of alien rights and equality is really sparking this season up, and I’m here for it.


What I think will happen: In this season of Supergirl, we are going to see a lot more ties and allusions to the political issues in our world today. This show is known for its hidden messages, and I think this year is going be monumental. To be honest, I’m not really sure how the rest of the season will play out, but I know we are in for a treat.



Charmed (Melina)

What I think: I initially thought I would not like this new TV show based on the small parts I saw from commercials or ads — especially since it’s a reboot of the original Charmed from the late 90s. (Sometimes, it’s difficult to do shows like that.) But after watching the first episode, I’m not at all disappointed with it. The show’s general plot is new for the CW because it’s not a DC comic, and it deals with the supernatural. The channel hasn’t really done a show like this since The Vampire Diaries and the now-ending show Supernatural. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the superhero shows, but I think it’s good to take a break and do a new thing. 


What I think will happen: I honestly have no idea where this show will go. There are no previous episodes to go off of and really any idea could happen. Maybe the writers will go into the past of witches and the life of their mother. The writers could also just do more things with demons. 



Arrow (Melina)

What I think: With the ending of season six and all the events that happened during the last episode, it is hard to top both the action and emotions every viewer felt. Although it may have been hard to top, they did it. So far, each scene in the jail with Oliver and the other inmates is so intense and action packed that it never gets me bored like I thought it would have. What I didn’t understand very well was what was going on in Star City outside of the jail, and I didn’t really like was how they went to the future. As of right now, it makes no sense to me why they are doing that.


What I think will happen: This episode gave me hope that this new season will be good and different than the others. The new Green Arrow is something I never expected the writers to do, but all in all, it’s not that bad. I am willing to give this future story line a chance, but in my honest opinion, I have no idea why they are doing it or where it will go. I do want to see how they use Oliver being in jail because I feel there are many different routes the writers could go. Felicity, though, is one storyline I cannot wait to see because, for once, she is ready to fight back.