Clean Shave, Cleaner Finish

The ending of the month came with the wrap of the month-long fundraiser Facial Hair February


photo by Katie Golden

Steven Reybein and Colby Yaglowski claim their prizes for their participation in Facial Hair February

Valerie Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As choral students walked into the choir room on Friday, March 1st, they did not expect the sight before them. There were even a few gasps and giggles as the group beheld the sight of Mr. Schmiech, a man with a legendary mustache and beard, now sporting a freshly shaved face.

Schmiech agreed to shave if all of his classes raised $200 for Facial Hair February, the annual fundraiser to benefit the Highmark Caring Place. And as the Chorus teacher had hoped, his students raised enough money for the cause.

Although Facial Hair February ended last Thursday, February 28th, Mr. Mooney, the leader of the fundraiser, organized a ceremony for the participants on the morning of March 4.

During homeroom on Monday, Mooney set up gifts ranging from Chick-Fil-A gift cards to ski lift tickets for Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland. Everyone who participated in Facial Hair February was invited to the event and encouraged to take prizes.

“At the end of this year’s fundraiser, companies from all over the country were able to send prizes,” Mooney said. “There are prizes like a one week parking pass to park in Dr. Kreider’s parking spot, tickets to the spring musical, Melina Bowser merchandise, and even Steelers’ gear that the Steelers sent themselves.”

The participants’ contribution to Facial Hair February encouraged others to get involved with the fundraiser, as the fundraiser benefited a well-known local charity organization. The Highmark Caring Place supports children that are grieving or struggling with family and financial issues.

Senior Colby Yaglowski decided to grow his beard for Facial Hair February for the second year in a row.

“In comparison to last year, my beard is a lot better this year,” Yaglowski said. “I like the ‘Dr. Kreider Parking Pass’ prize the most, but I ultimately decided to participate because the cause is so great. We’re spreading awareness for the Highmark Caring Place, which is super cool.”

This year, the students of NASH broke the school record. Although Mooney is still finishing counting all of the money to the very last cent, so far the total exceeds $3,000.

Shawn Sledzianowski, School Services Coordinator for The Caring Place, was delighted with the fundraiser’s accomplishments this year.

“Ultimately, the impact of the fundraiser really does a couple of things for us,” Sledzianowski said. “It brings awareness to our program and gets kids to talk about us. If a student at North Allegheny goes through a traumatic loss, they now know about the Caring Place and how we help with grieving children and families. The financial aspect also helps us out a lot and we are so appreciative of any donation.  When schools like North Allegheny donate, Highmark matches the donation.”

For Yaglowski, a senior, the end of this year’s event was bittersweet.

“I looked forward to February this year because it’s just so much fun,” he said.