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Featured NASH Photographer: Sarah Foody

Melina Tripoli, Reporter

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  • All other photos and captions by junior Sarah Foody

    photo by Melina Tripoli

  • "I took this picture while I was in Hawaii this previous summer. I was really attracted to the bright colors of the ocean and all the scenery surrounding it."

  • "When I was at Seven Springs during the Autumn Fest, I saw the oil on the ground and thought it looked abstract. So, I grabbed my camera and took a couple of pictures. This one was my favorite one I took."

  • “This picture is actually of a leaf falling into a grate I saw while walking. While I was editing the picture though, I thought it would look a lot better if it was in black and white.”

  • “This was definitely an experiment that I did not think would work. Somehow, I managed to get one of the best pictures on the first shot, and I got the bubbles perfectly framing her face, as well as the right amount of bubbles in the photo.”

  • "While walking around outside, I found this leaf that I thought looked really pretty and tried to find different backgrounds for it. Finally, I found a wooden table at an ice cream parlor in Seven Springs that kind of matched the nature theme."

  • “The bright lights and different colored lights definitely drew my attention. I also wanted to have the timing of the light that circles the game to be perfectly under the arch. After many failed attempts, I finally got the perfect picture.”

  • “I was having brunch with my family and was immediately drawn to those macarons. All the different bright colors and the way they were positioned on the plate made it the perfect opportunity for a photo.”

  • “For this picture, I wanted the attention to be on the leaf and not the person holding it. I also wanted to keep with the theme of fall, so I made sure to include as much red and orange possible when setting it up.”

  • “This was a photo I did for my computer multimedia class this year. I was inspired by a post I saw on Instagram and decided to recreate it with my sister.”