Rants & Raves

Cold Lunch, Cool School


photo by Hannah Shiflett

Hannah Shiflett, Staff Writer


The NASH parking lot is often a place of havoc. Most student drivers will agree that getting out of NASH is quite a challenge at 2:15 when everyone is rushing to their cars.  As someone who parks in Main, I’m often cut off by students who hinder the flow of traffic with selfish driving. Whether it’s getting out of your parking spot, merging at the end of main, or pulling out of Ghetto, you’ll inevitably get cut off.

So I will say this: LEARN TO ZIPPER MERGE!  If you don’t know what that is, here is a lesson. I’ve already heard complaints about almost being hit by students who believe that they deserve to be out of NASH first. You don’t, so don’t cut off other students.


A great event happened over the summer at NASH. Students who were in the NASH parking lot last year will remember how horrendous the parking lot was, with rim-bending potholes and indistinguishable student and teacher parking spots.  When summer came around, the NASH administration had the parking lot fixed, including the road around the school building. The lot is now extremely smooth, and all the lines are clean and vivid.


Students who attended NASH last year will remember how cold the entire building was. This year, however, the chill seems to be confined to one specific area: the cafeteria.  You won’t feel a change in temperature until you walk to either locker bank. From there, you’ll feel the temperature drop at least 10 degrees. It seems as though all the cold of the school has congregated, much like students before school, in the lunchroom.


There has, however, been one major improvement in regard to school climate.  It seems that NASH has been more consistent in temperature from room to room. It’s a large improvement from last year where students would bring their own blankets to class.  Beyond the cafeteria, it is safe to say that the school will continue to remain at a steady temperature across the school


A lot can be said about the laptops that students use at NASH. For one, students can no longer clear their browser history to help prevent the laptop from slowing down. Also, Securly continues to deter students from doing the necessary research for school.  The laptops have slowed down to such an extent that logging on will take likely over five minutes. This doesn’t include opening up TigerID, which has caused many students to leave their laptops on permanently.


Despite having bad laptops, there is a major plus to our school system. The teachers at NASH are what I call “simply the best.” They are utterly incredible at teaching and always find ways to keep class interesting. Rather than treating students as indistinguishable objects, they build healthy relationships with their students.  Each of them encourages students to have fun, but to do so in a positive way that will not hinder others.  Hey, and if you have a positive relationship with a teacher, they can even write you a good letter of recommendation for college, too.