The Brightest Lights

Up Close on Friday Night of Homecoming Weekend


photo by Julia Poppa

The North Allegheny Tigers took on the Hempfield Trojans for the Homecoming Game this past Friday.

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer

Throughout the country, and especially in the Pittsburgh area, Friday nights are meant for football. They’re meant for the thrill and glory, and they’re meant to bring together the community.

Here at NA, the night is a spectacle. The student section unifies, the fans cheer, and the nerves are heightened for the football players about to take on another game and represent the school.

But this past Friday brought higher stakes to the table: Homecoming. It’s the most highly attended game of the season and the most talked about. The parade, the king and queen, the game, the dance — it’s the quintessential fall weekend.

The parade began at 5:45pm, led by the Marching Band, who set the tone for the rest of the night.

The event showcased NASH clubs and teams, who proceeded from the Band lot and then paraded across the drive in front the main entrance to the building.

Float after float passed by as the buzz grew among the spectators lined up along the parking lots and streets surrounding NASH.

In addition to clubs and teams, the parade featured the Class fo 2020 Homecoming Court.

The Disney-themed parade included an assortment of characters from the classic animated films, including Lilo & Stitch below.

As the parade came to a close, the lights at Newman Stadium grew brighter. At every home game, the leaders of the Student Section throw a tailgate in the parking lot. Music blares as students throw footballs around to enter into a collective mindset before rushing into the stadium.

During warm ups, the Tigers congregated to get themselves riled up for the game, preparing for the quickly approaching fight against the Hempfield Trojans.


The football team made a spectacular entrance, running down the lines of cheerleaders, huddling together, and finally breaking through a banner that the cheerleading squad had prepared, hosting a taunt for the other team.

Before the game began, Luke Colella and Justus Gildon took a moment together, as the captains from each team met at the 50 yard line.

In an early victory, the Tigers celebrated together, setting them up for their later success in the first quarter.


However, the first 15 minutes did not pass without a fight. Hempfield scored one touchdown, going into the second quarter with North Allegheny leading 21-7.

After the first quarter came to a close, the Student Section unified in a sea of pink and gleaming lights to show their unwavering support for the home team and breast cancer patients and survivors.

The Dance Team celebrated yet another touchdown with the rest of the Marching Band ensemble at the end of the field. 

A player from Hempfield celebrates a small victory against the Tigers, because in a game at North Allegheny, nothing can be taken for granted.

The intensity grew, and players from Hempfield began to panic under the attack of North Allegheny’s offense.

Emotions were elevated and the stakes heightened as the game progressed, nearing halftime. Luke Colella and Ben Petschke celebrated after another touchdown was scored, but they knew the game wasn’t won yet. 

As the halftime buzzer blared, Percise Colon showed why he is a fan favorite, just before stepping off the field, with NA still in the lead 35-15. 

During halftime, the long-awaited crowning the court took place. After all of the couples took a moment to make their way down the field, Tyler Putnam and Reese Marsalis received the coveted titles of Homecoming King and Queen. 

The second half of the game was a reflection of the first, and NA took a 62-35 win over the Hempfield Trojans — a perfect ending to a perfect night.