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The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Julia Poppa

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor

Julia is a senior at NASH and is delighted to be this year's Photography Editor. She uses she/they pronouns and is passionate about making a positive change in the world. In her spare time she enjoys reading about philosophy, photographing the world, creating art, writing, and caring for her plants. She hopes to become a helicopter pilot one day and dreams of going to school in New Zealand.

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Dreams in Focus

Dreams in Focus

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor May 3, 2021

How did you find filmmaking? Who or what led you to the field? I think it was a natural progression. I’ve always loved storytelling, writing, and the visual arts, and I think I eventually realized...

People with invisible disabilities are often questioned about the legitimacy of their condition.

Busting Bliss: Invisible Disabilities

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor April 20, 2021

They say it’s easier to speak from experience — to talk about situations that pertain to you -- and sometimes they say that’s all you should do. 2020, and even these few months of 2021 have shown...

The new traveling Van Gogh exhibit is home to 500,000 cubic feet of projections.

Going to Gogh?

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor March 30, 2021

Pittsburgh is no stranger to breeding fame—from Christina Aguilera, Mac Miller, and Jeff Goldblum to world-renowned visual artists like Andy Warhol. But even with the ability to claim some part in each...

A train enters Pittsburghs primary Amtrak station located on Liberty Avenue downtown.

The Wonder of Travel Eras Past

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor March 29, 2021

As I’ve begun to plan for my life in college— well, culinary school— there’s been a lot on my mind. I’ve thought a lot about what my social life might blossom into, especially with the prospect...

Pictured is Faith Nguyen, president of the MSU, looking over the documentarys Google form.

What’s Your Story?

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor March 16, 2021

NASH’s Multicultural Student Union has consistently been at the forefront of change within the district, constantly taking on new projects to help bring awareness to just how diverse this school district...

More and more people have shown an interest in biphasic sleeping due to the unique conditions of the pandemic.

Twice to Sleep

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor March 8, 2021

To sleep, or not to sleep and randomly decide to test out a new sleep schedule -- that is the question. Well, maybe not the question, but it’s the question I’ll be answering over the next week.  What...

Guilt is no short supply at a time when a multitude of crises face human civilization, but it should not be evenly distributed.

Busting Bliss: The Politics of Victim Blaming

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor March 2, 2021

I’d like to go to Cancun, too, Mr. Cruz, but that’s not the reality of the situation -- now, is it? Not while thousands of Americans are being blamed for their families dying, or as your state trudges...

The Regrets is a romance novel that defies the expectations of the genre.

A Relationship Forbidden by the Universe Itself

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor February 15, 2021

There are few books that I can truly say that I wish I could read again for the first time. Of course each book— well, good book— has its own spellbinding, magical, can’t-put-it-down-even-for-a-second...

The use of masks has made communication even more difficult for the hearing impaired.

Deafness in the Age of COVID

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor January 28, 2021

Almost everyone has been asked the question, “If you had to lose any one of your senses, what would it be?” Unfortunately, not everyone gets a choice. The pandemic has been hard on everyone....

NASHs Daily Living class is privy to one of the schools better kept secrets, an apartment where students learn what life after high school might entail.

Home Away From Home

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor January 27, 2021

Picture this: It’s second grade and you’re shopping with your mom in the grocery store. You round the aisle and, out of nowhere, you see your teacher browsing for cereal. As your mom asks polite...

Good Talk: Mrs. Morris

Good Talk: Mrs. Morris

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor January 26, 2021

How long have you been teaching? This is my 25th year of teaching and my 22nd at NA. What inspired you to start teaching? I was an anxious and lonely kid who found an enriching life in books....

[Multimedia] Hindsight 2020

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor December 21, 2020

Although it is praiseworthy that social acceptance of the full spectrum of sexualities and genders has entered the mainstream, there is still more work to be done.

Busting Bliss: Gender Nonconformity

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor December 15, 2020

"Sit like a lady." “Man up." Throughout our childhood, perceived gender norms loom over us. Maybe you were told that the toy you wanted was for boys, not for girls, and that’s why you...

Thanksgiving should give us pause to reflect on the ways Native cultures have been treated and to dedicate ourselves to correcting our wrongs.

Busting Bliss: Reversing the Wrongs Done to Native Cultures

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor November 25, 2020

I remember being in Kindergarten and coming into school the day before Thanksgiving when the tables were decorated with construction paper feathers. We would eat a little fake dinner and talk about how...

The next four years may not appear as difficult as they did a week ago, but there remain challenges ahead that even a Biden/Harris administration will not find easy.


Julia Poppa, Photography Editor November 9, 2020

2020, the year that gave us seven months of March, recently debuted a horrific sequel called “Tuesday: Part 5”. Millions of Americans were forced to wait for five days for election results.  At long...

What’s the Word?

Reka Gotz and Julia Poppa November 6, 2020

While mail-in voting used to be a novelty, it has become one of the main ways people are expressing their voice this election.

A Dangerous Day for Democracy

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor November 2, 2020

There is a dying hope inside me that is trying to hold onto the idea that the former Vice-President might secure this election, and— I can’t say make things definitively better-- at least stop making...

Members of the National Arts Honor Society channeled their creativity and Halloween spirit last week to decorate the front entrance.

Paved in Pigment

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 27, 2020


Women routinely battle with the wrong end of a double standard concerning body weight.

Busting Bliss: Breaking Down Body Image

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 23, 2020

TW: Eating disorders are discussed throughout the following article.  If it is a day ending in “y”, there is something to be said— that will be said— about the way a woman* looks.  If beauty...

From Cameroon to Pittsburgh

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 23, 2020

All Hail the King

All Hail the King

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 20, 2020

Did you know you were going to be nominated for the Homecoming Court? I kind of had a feeling. My friends were all talking about it in our group chat. I sort of had a feeling I might end up on the court,...

The Tigers trounced the Big Macs, 35-0, on a night when things felt strangely the way they used to.

A Friday Night for the Ages

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 19, 2020

Each year the energy among the student body of North Allegheny rises exponentially as the days draw closer and closer to the beloved Homecoming weekend. Though many may have presumed that the atmosphere...

Breonna Taylors death last March sparked protests and memorials that continue across the country.

Say Her Name

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 9, 2020

Those of us who have been radicalized by observing or experiencing police brutality and abuse of power have come to view the police through the lens of violence, and there are a few things we have recognized...

The Tigers faced off against the Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils for their third win of the season.

A Game of Firsts

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor October 5, 2020

This year has led to a lot of disappointments for students, but last Friday’s game gave some hope that the new school year might be alright after all. This past Friday, the Tigers hosted the Mt. Lebanon...

Ruth Bader Ginsburgs death rattled the nation, but her legacy and good works are destined to live on.

Justice for All

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor September 21, 2020

The closer one looks at America in the 21st century, the harder it is to accept that we are, in its truest sense, "the land of the free." Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew this better than the rest of us. 2020...

Emily Temples debut novel delves into philosophy and spirituality without sacrificing plot and character.

A Lighter Sense of Self

Julia Poppa, Photography Editor September 16, 2020

I’ve never really paid much attention to authors. In my mind, if the book is good, who cares who wrote it? Most of the time, the names of writers whose books I've read add to a tangled ball of surnames...

Protesters flee as tear gas canisters are released among the crowd.

Inside the Frame of the Protests

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer June 4, 2020

In general, what kind of photography do you do? I’m a location scout for TV commercials and movies, so I guess you could call that architecture and landscape photography. But I’m always trying to...

Therapy sessions, like all other social interactions, have gone online, increasing a host of mental health risks.

Screen Therapy

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer April 27, 2020

No one is having an easy time with quarantine.  But the nationwide chorus of griping over lines outside of grocery stores and the tedium of homebound isolation can drown out a much more serious challenge...

For the Nguyen

For the Nguyen

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer April 15, 2020

When did you start becoming interested in art & film? Art and film are things that have been with me from a very young age. I’ve always loved to draw and paint and make art, but I don’t think...

Bernie Sanders primary campaign will likely have a positive and lasting effect on Americas understanding of social inequality.

Bye Bye, Bernie

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer April 13, 2020

On April 8th, supporters of Bernie Sanders all across the country withstood a wave of shock and sadness, as the news broke that their candidate of choice had chosen to drop out of the 2020 presidential...

Houseplants bring many benefits to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Think Green

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer March 24, 2020

I feel no shame in being a self-proclaimed plant prophet, and I don’t think I ever will. You may wonder why I feel such a strong inclination to claim some connection to the divine spirits driving...

The Good Place finished its four-season run at the end of January, but its lessons continue to resonate.

A Better Place

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer March 12, 2020

I’ve had my fair share of existential crises: nights spent in bed staring at the ceiling wondering about the significance of my life and contemplating some of life’s most notorious unanswered questions....

Reka Götz begins a sketch in her period 2 AP Art class.

Look at This!

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer February 21, 2020

Réka Götz is not your average, run-of-the-mill high school art student. While many of NASH’s students who study art are full of talent and aspiration, there may be none more talented than Götz. Götz...

Mental health must not be relegated to the back burner, even though the exhausting schedules of high school students can suggest that there are more important concerns.

On the Backburner

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer January 30, 2020

I’ve never met a cook without a favorite burner. Whether it’s gas or electric, nearly everyone who has ever used a stove has their go-to corner of the range -- but I can tell you this, it’s never...

NASH junior Faith Nguyen excels in one visual arts medium after the next.

Look At This!

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer January 24, 2020

NASH is home to many aspiring artists, however few come close to exhibiting the unique perspective shared by 11th grade artist, Faith Nguyen. While young for her grade, her talents far exceed the status...

Its a strange notion that is unique to NASH: Assemblies are optional, and attendance is predictably low.

Vital Message, Voluntary Audience

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer January 14, 2020

I spent the better half of one Thursday morning in December taking pictures at the No Place For Hate assembly in the NASH auditorium. I saw months of hard work on the part of the Multicultural Student...

Students often learn of hate crimes through class discussions and news feeds.  Yesterdays No Place for Hate assembly brought the topic to a personal level.

Everyone’s Included

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer December 13, 2019

On Thursday morning in the NASH auditorium, the school’s new chapter of No Place For Hate held an assembly for a panel of Pittsburgh speakers focused on discussing hate and what it means to be hated....

For many, its the most wonderful time of the year.  But for children who come from broken homes, the holidays can evoke anxiety and sorrow.

I’m no Scrooge

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer December 11, 2019

Under certain circumstances, the holiday season can be joyous and beautiful. The snow falls silently on quiet streets lined with houses decorated in festive lighting. Fires heat the hearths of homes and...

The infinite possibilities of how to spend free time, while initially refreshing, reveals an underlying stress.

[Photo] Not So "Free" Time

December 17, 2019

The infinite possibilities of how to spend free time, while initially refreshing, reveals an underlying stress.

The snow has begun to fall, and the dreary winter scene does little to aid the mental health of students who struggle with depression.

SAD isn’t Bad

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer December 3, 2019

I used to wonder why it was so hard for me to get out of bed, especially as the months grew colder and the days got shorter. I’ve never been a morning person, but even in the summer and early days of...

After yet another school shooting, when will enough finally be enough?

Never Again — Again

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

After Sandy Hook, the words resounded from sea to shining sea -- "Never again." Then we witnessed another 2,291 mass shootings. Yesterday at 11 am, a shooter opened fire at Saugus High School in Santa...

When we are conscious of what we say, it makes all the difference in the world.

Beyond Words

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer November 7, 2019

My step sister was born with West syndrome, which is a condition causing epilepsy and infantile spasms, as well as disrupted brain wave patterns that lead to mental handicaps. For her, brain development...

The college presentations easel outside of the auditorium is on perpetual display.  And why not?  The expectation is that were all college-bound.

The Path Less Traveled By

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Any NASH student who even blinks in the direction of the auditorium has seen the easel plastered with the names and banners of the colleges who send representatives on recruitment missions here. The counselors...

The North Allegheny Tigers took on the Hempfield Trojans for the Homecoming Game this past Friday.

The Brightest Lights

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

Throughout the country, and especially in the Pittsburgh area, Friday nights are meant for football. They’re meant for the thrill and glory, and they’re meant to bring together the community. Here...

Impeachment has always been a looming possibility for Trump. It has hung over his head, swinging wildly, like a piñata at a child’s birthday party, and Trump is the one whacking it with a stick of his own blatant disrespect for the Constitution he was elected to uphold. 

Into the Impeachment Proceedings We Go

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer October 8, 2019

Donald Trump may finally have access to an exclusive club that you can’t buy your way into with money or status: the impeachment club. Currently consisting of only two presidents, Andrew Johnson and...

We are witnessing the gradual deterioration of our environment at our own hands, and the President is only making matters worse.

Environmental Regression

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer September 12, 2019

There’s a sense of environmental urgency ravaging this country and nearly every other developed country in the world. Carbon emissions are at an all-time high, the fires in the Amazon threaten to damage...

Juniors file into the auditorium for the administrative assembly at the beginning of the year.

The Junior Jitters

Julia Poppa, Staff Writer September 2, 2019

Junior year -- notorious for SATs, college planning, homework overload, and pressure. Before the school year commenced on August 27, juniors had a fairly reasonable idea of what they were about to walk...

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