Wacky National Holidays: June

Abby Pingpank and Megan Wilson

June 3rd– National Running Day 

Trapped in your house for too long? Go out and stretch your legs. Go for that long awaited job in your neighborhood or maybe even North Park!


June 4th– National Cheese Day

I mean, who doesn’t love cheese? From mac and cheese to mozzarella sticks, pizza and almost everything else. It is a gooey food that we all love! Take the day to eat all of your favorite cheesy foods!


June 5th– National Donut Day

Who does not love these delicious things? They are the best breakfast food! With some many different types of donuts you cannot go wrong when you eat a donut on this holiday! 


June 7th– National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 

Calling all chocolate ice cream lovers! Go to your local ice cream shop, or buy some at the store. Get some of this delicious and cold treat to kick off the start of summer!


June 8th– National Best Friends Day 

Go hang out with your best friend! Take the day to do a bunch of fun things with your best friend! Have tons of fun!


June 11th– National Corn on the Cob Day 

One of the best foods at a cookout! You cannot go wrong with corn on the cob! Host a cookout, invite your friends and of course enjoy this delicious food!


June 16th– National Fudge Day

A classic treat that seems to be underrated. Give yourself a treat and bye yourself a delicious box of fudge. There is a flavor for everyone, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, mint, peanut butter, you name it! 


June 18th– National Sushi Day 

Ever go to a grocery store and see the sushi counter, and just walk by it? Today is the day to stop and get yourself some! Many sushi places will offer deals on this day, so why not save yourself some money, and try some!


June 21st– National Yoga Day 

Take the day to relax and enjoy the day. Search up a youtube video on and find some yoga to do! Relax and don’t stress out! Enjoy!


June 22nd– National Smoothie Day 

The possibilities are endless, and literally anything can go into a smoothie. Go to a local smoothie shop or make one yourself!


June 24th– World Day of Music

Jam out to your favorite music! Have a dance party with your friends! Enjoy the day listening to all of your favorite songs!! 


June 27th– National Sunglasses Day

Go outside and enjoy all of the nice summer weather! Lay out and tan! Go to the park with friends! Go swim! Have fun in the sun just don’t forget your sunglasses!


June 29th– National Camera Day 

Take pictures to remember the fun times you are having with your friends! Go out and have some fun with your friends, go somewhere and take a photoshoot! Pictures are a great way to keep memories with you all the time!


June 30th– National Social Media Day 

Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, you name it!  Lounge around today and look at all of the social media apps you can! Best part… you have an excuse and mom or dad cannot yell at you!