The View from Outside

Students outside of NA have perspectives on our district that range from complimentary to downright critical.


photo by D. Crickets

North Allegheny is a well-recognized district that has accumulated many outside opinions.

Abby Pingpank, News Editor

To us, it may be all we have ever known. But to outsiders, North Allegheny (or “The U of NA,” as some have called it) can take on a different meaning. 

Mak Kirish, a senior at North Catholic, has noticed one thing that is much different between NA and her school — our size.

“Your Marching Band is impressive,” Kirish said. “It makes us seem like ants.”

Kirish has also heard rumors about what it is like going to school here at NA.

Apparently your school is terrifying and creepy. I’ve never been but I have heard stories.”

— Mak Kirish, North Catholic

“Apparently your school is terrifying and creepy,” she said. “I’ve never been, but I have heard stories.”

Nevertheless, the NA students whom Kirish has met have certainly been likable.

“Those that I have met who either went to or currently go to NA are pretty cool cats,” she said.

Everett Cannon, another senior at North Catholic, doesn’t agree exactly, having had an ugly confrontation with a young NA student many years ago.

“The one real memory I have of an NA kid was one who pushed me to the ground in kindergarten,” he said. 

Nevertheless, Cannon has the same general impression of the NA student body as Krish does.

“I don’t really know too many people from NA, but [the ones I know] are alright,” he said.

Impressions of NA seem to get more interesting when students from our arch-rival Pine-Richland are asked for their views. P-R is also a large district, and they’re academically and athletically competitive with NA.

Our football team is more elite.”

— Anonymous, Pine Richland

“I’d say we have better looking guys,” joked a PR senior who asked to remain anonymous. “We also have a better looking building because it actually has windows.  And our football team is more elite.”

For Maura Devine, a senior at Ambridge Area High School, NA feels entirely foreign.

“I could never imagine going to a school the size of NA,” Devine said. “I feel like I would definitely never know the entire class, and it would be hard to be recognized for my achievements.” 

I could never imagine going to a school the size of NA.”

— Maura Devine, Ambridge

Along with NA’s size, Devine feels that an ego comes with being a student here.

“NA students act like they are better than everyone else,” she stated. “I am not saying they are a bad school, but they could definitely lose their ego.” 

While it’s certainly the case that many outsiders view NA student as entitled, the inside view suggests that there is more diversity here than others expect.  If anything, it goes to show that all of us can be wrong about the reality of others’ lives. 

And let’s admit it — we are practically no different from Pine-Richland kids (but you did not hear that from me).