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Nearly halfway through her term as School Board Representative, senior Julianna Werner hasn’t lost an ounce of enthusiasm for supporting her peers.


photo by Lisa Werner

Werner’s senior pictures before she concludes her title as school board representative.

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer

From the classroom to the meeting room, senior Julianna Werner is busy, to say the least. Alongside her dedication to schoolwork, she is also the North Allegheny School Board Student Representative. While these tasks may seem challenging for most students, Werner finds her responsibilities fascinating.

Born here in Pittsburgh, the outspoken Werner always thrived to do great things in her youth, not just academically. As an athlete, Werner worked hard, playing soccer both for NA and for independent clubs.

It wasn’t until her junior year of high school, however, that she came across one of the most substantial responsibilities any student could find: School Board Representative. 

“Seeing the responsibilities and tasks of the School Board Representative, I thought it would fit me perfectly,” Werner said in a recent interview with The Uproar.

To take on the challenge, she had to complete a lengthy application process. Under the watchful eye of NASH Principal Dr. Dirda and several school administrators, Werner was interviewed. She was asked questions about her qualifications for the position and what she could bring to the Board. She passed with flying colors.

“From that point on, Dr. Dirda and I have become really close, and I love working with her,” Werner added.  

Werner now meets with district officials once a month, providing detailed information on upcoming events, such as theatrical productions and club meetings.

“I help give perspective to the Board about what and how students are doing,” Werner said.

For with such a nail-biting role for a student, there come some difficulties along the way.

Of course, it is intimidating presenting to the Board, but it gives me a rush I love.”

— Julianna Werner

“Of course, it is intimidating presenting to the Board, but it gives me a rush I love,” Werner said.

With the current pandemic, School Board meetings have been moved to the NASH auditorium, where members are able to social distance. 

Through it all, Werner has been forced to learn how to juggle her responsibilities as the School Board Representative and as a student. She says she wouldn’t be able make it all work without her daily planner. 

Werner also credits her fellow classmates for keeping her on her feet. They give her a sense of comfort within herself, knowing that she can rely on them to give her their honest opinions on certain subjects.

She then takes input from her peers and from the NASH staff and presents it to the Board.

“We want to make sure that every pillar and field that creates the district is strong in supporting our students,” she explained.

This stimulating and pleasing job gives Werner a sense of satisfaction. Though her term ends in June, she has big goals laid out ahead of her. Once she graduates, she plans on attending a four-year university to major in business along with a minor in government, biology, or law. 

But for now, Werner is here to represent and support over 1300 students. 

Please come talk to me or email me with any questions regarding the School Board,” she said. “I love hearing from other students, and it helps me get a better perspective going into meetings.”


To get in touch with Julianna, you may contact her via email: [email protected].