The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

The Student Voice of North Allegheny Senior High School

The Uproar

Anthony Durzo

Anthony Durzo, News Editor

Anthony Durzo is a senior at North Allegheny Senior High School. This is his second year writing for The Uproar, although he has previously written for North Allegheny Intermediate's online newspaper, NAEye, for two years as well.  Outside of school, he played hockey at Robert Morris University for eight years and has played piano for six. After tossing his cap into the air and waving goodbye to North Allegheny, he will attend Point Park University for a Broadcast Journalism major. When not writing intriguing news articles, he most likely is visiting his family and friends in the city of Pittsburgh while listening to 80s and 90s country, pop, and r&b throwback songs.

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Audrey II attempts to eat Audrey 1.

[Photo] Up Close: Little Shop of Horrors

November 15, 2023

Audrey II attempts to eat Audrey 1.

Steel Citys flagship location on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

[Photo] Hometown Threads

Gracie Durzo, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

Steel City's flagship location on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

Naomi Judd was and forever will be an icon to country music fans nationwide.

The Unexpected Passing of Naomi Judd

Anthony Durzo, News Editor May 25, 2022

One month has passed since the death of iconic country music singer Naomi Judd. In the past month, more details have been released relating to her death by her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd. On April...

The year 1997 brought the world great music and new artists who are still  producing hit songs today.

25 Songs Turning 25 Years Old This Year

Anthony Durzo, News Editor May 13, 2022

"My All" by Mariah Carey  Earning Carey her 13th number one single on the Billboard Charts, “My All” provides listeners the sound of a soothing Latin guitar in the background of her astonishing...

Volunteer firefighter and NASH senior Luke Gunnett recently completed his junior membership at the Peebles District Volunteer Fire Company.

To the Rescue

Anthony Durzo, News Editor May 3, 2022

While the majority of North Allegheny students were relaxing during their spring break last month, NASH senior and member of the Peebles District Volunteer Fire Company Luke Gunnett helped save the life...

Good Talk: Mrs. Schmiech

Good Talk: Mrs. Schmiech

Anthony Durzo, News Editor April 6, 2022

How long have you been with the North Allegheny family? This is my 21st year. 2001 to 2002 was the first school year at North Allegheny.  Where are you from? I was born in Massachusetts and then...

Julia Parsons was all smiles at her 101st birthday party with family and friends.

The Extraordinary Life of Julia Parsons

Anthony Durzo, News Editor March 11, 2022

When you see the name Julia Parsons in one of North Allegheny's bygone yearbooks, you are shown a simple image of an English teacher in her classroom or with her colleagues. What isn’t shown is her past--a...

Up Close: The Drowsy Chaperone

Up Close: The Drowsy Chaperone

Anthony Durzo, News Editor March 7, 2022

The latest stunt Antonio Brown has pulled was running off the field midgame.

Time To Go

Anthony Durzo, News Editor February 9, 2022

For nine years Pittsburgh Steelers fans (such as myself) cheered his name as he ran the ball into the endzone after making an extraordinary catch. Today, the majority of Steeler fans among other NFL viewers...

Four characters from the original Scream movies return for a fifth time in 2022

A Review of Scream (2022)

Anthony Durzo, News Editor January 28, 2022

It was originally thought to be a low-budget snore-fest horror film of the 90s but turned out of to be one of the scariest movies of all time. The fifth movie of the film series Scream was released...

Ready for Takeoff

Ready for Takeoff

Anthony Durzo, News Editor January 24, 2022

Two North Allegheny juniors have been accepted into the AFJROTC Flight Academy Program. Cadets Ethan Byrne and Curtis Rhoten applied for the program in November and were two out of the four North Allegheny...

[Multimedia] Here We Go!

Anthony Durzo, News Editor January 13, 2022


The Transportation Department has devised a plan to allow students to find their buses more easily during dismissal.

The Bus Swap

Anthony Durzo, News Editor January 3, 2022

It’s the final period of the school day and students anxiously wait for the dismissal bell to sound from NASH’s PA system. They hear a sound from the speaker in their classroom, but it’s a few minutes...

The mask clip allows the mask to wrap around the head instead of looping around the ears.

The Invention of the Mask Clip

Anthony Durzo, News Editor December 8, 2021

What started out as a problem within one family has now helped out many around North Allegheny Senior High School.  With the continuation of the CDC's guidance regarding mask-wearing, the Dhingra family...

anthony family

[Photo] Family Matters

Anthony Durzo, News Editor November 24, 2021

After six years, Adele has released new music with whole new style.

A Review of Adele’s 30

Anthony Durzo, News Editor November 19, 2021

We’ve waited six years for a new Adele album to drop, and that day is finally upon us. The Grammy Award-winning singer released her fourth album entitled 30 today and fans are riveted over Adele’s...

[Multimedia] Family Ties

Anthony Durzo, News Editor November 9, 2021

Coach John Neffs commitments to students after school are enormous, as he oversees two of the largest organizations at NA, the Cross-Country and Track and Field Teams.

It’s Not about the Money

Michelle Hwang, Sophie Lu, and Anthony Durzo November 8, 2021

It’s 7 PM on a Monday night. Outside of NASH, the stillness of the parking lot stands in stark contrast to the frenzied mayhem that took place just five hours prior. However, in the midst of the mostly...

Students and staff at NASH are masking up and keeping a distance to  keep COVID-19 cases at zero.

NASH COVID-19 cases currently sit at zero

Anthony Durzo, News Editor October 14, 2021

We are now almost two months into the 2021-2022 school year, and unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be concluded. Masks and social distancing guidelines are still required in PA schools, but...

Veteran Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has a poor start to the season, which has fans asking if it will be his last.

Could This Be The End?

Anthony Durzo, News Editor October 1, 2021

Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback in the National Football League. Lately, however, Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has looked far older than Brady, who continues to perform to the...

[Multimedia] Over Troubled Waters

Anthony Durzo, News Editor September 27, 2021

This docu series explains the frightening events of the September 11th, 2001, attacks.

A Review of 9/11: One Day in America

Anthony Durzo, News Editor September 10, 2021

With the 20th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America, many television stations are putting together memorials or documentaries, including National Geographic. A six-episode docu-series,...

Peebles School was the first of seven elementary schools to be built.

The History of North Allegheny

Anthony Durzo, News Editor September 8, 2021

Today, the North Allegheny School District consists of seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The district has been presented with 20 awards and distinctions for their performance...

Audience applause and take a stand against the mandatory mask mandate.

Mask-optional supporters rally in North Park

Anthony Durzo, News Editor August 25, 2021

It was all about freedom for the protesters who gathered at the “My Kid, My Choice” rally on Tuesday, August 24th in North Park. Many held signs for nearby drivers to view, while others spoke publicly...

While some students are ready to pitch their masks, others arent so sure.

Face to Face

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

It is that point in the road to recovery where fully vaccinated people are ditching the masks, leaving many excited to get back to their regular life like they remember. “All of us are tired of wearing...

Actor and comedian Billy Gardell has been a Pittsburgh Steeler fan his entire life.

No Place Like Home

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer May 13, 2021

Our hometown is our safe spot, a place we know like the back of our hands. Like any ordinary person, celebrities feel the same way when they think of the city of Pittsburgh. Here are just a few well-known...

The Tigers gathered around the Penguin Cup for the fourth time.

Ice in their Veins

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

The North Allegheny Ice Hockey Team has won the Penguin Cup for the fourth time in program history. On Monday, April 19th, the Tigers defeated the Mount Lebanon Blue Devils 4-1 at the Robert Morris Island...

Celebrities of all races and ethnicities united to create one of most famous and uplifting songs in history.

Ten Throwback Songs We Need To Hear Today

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer April 22, 2021

Many songs that dominate current top music charts consist of lyrics with very little importance or greater message. While they are often catchy and enjoyable to listen to, they do not appeal to what many...

Dr. Dirda is intent on making sure this school year ends on a high note.

A Spring Check-in with Dr. Dirda

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer April 12, 2021

In December of 2020, North Allegheny decided to close its doors once again due to an alarming number of cases of COVID-19. This put a great amount of stress on students and staff of NASH. However, over...

[Multimedia] Taste Test: Doritos 3D

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

News Editor Abby Pingpank helps Staff Writer Christiaan Titus on an article.

Behind the Stories at The Uproar

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

Normally, we write about things going on outside the newsroom.  But we thought it might be of interest to open our door to the outside world and invite our readers in. Although writing in itself is...

A stained-glass window with portrait of St. Patrick.

The History and Festivities of St. Patrick’s Day

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer March 16, 2021

Every March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations incorporate parades, leprechauns, shamrocks, and pretty much anything green. Each component of this holiday has a backstory that has helped make it one...

Students were met with a blue screen last week following a Microsoft update that was pushed out to all district-issue laptops.

Out of the Blue

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer March 15, 2021

NASH students have been in a state of technological frustration for the past week, as a recent Windows update has rendered many users unable to access the home screen of their laptops. Since last Tuesday,...

CMA stars gather to make the iconic Forever Country video.

Breaking the Stereotype: Country Music

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

Imagine trucks, a dirt road, and an American flag waving in the wind. In the background, music blasts from a speaker. It's easy to assume that the music you are imagining is country. Those who do not enjoy...

The badge that sits on NASH School Resource Officer Rays uniform is a symbol of his dedication to public safety.

Behind the Badge

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Duty, honor, and respect for one another are three of the main values North Allegheny Senior High School’s school resource officer espouses while protecting his school. Officer Todd Ray has been securing...

Werners senior pictures before she concludes her title as school board representative.

The Daily Planner

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer January 18, 2021

From the classroom to the meeting room, senior Julianna Werner is busy, to say the least. Alongside her dedication to schoolwork, she is also the North Allegheny School Board Student Representative. While...

A Review of Mariah Careys Magical Christmas Special

A Review of Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer December 22, 2020

From “Vision of Love” to “Touch My Body," this pop and R&B sensation has done everything an artist can do. She has acted in a variety of movies and tv shows, performing at many historical landmarks...

Many decisions that impact NASH students on a daily basis are made right behind this door.

A Check-in with Dr. Dirda

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

It has been a tough three months for students and teachers. Since September 8th, the North Allegheny School District has switched multiple times between remote learning, the hybrid model, and for young...

The days of live concerts seem a distant memory as we continue to face cancellations of large public gatherings.

Remember When?

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer November 30, 2020

Oh, the goosebumps that would cover my body as my one artistic idol walks out onto the stage and the crowd applauds and screams their name. Some people wait years for their favorite artist to make a stop...

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently celebrating a franchise record winning streak.

Will We Make It?

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

The City of Champions appears at a new peak as the Pittsburgh Steelers boast a winning streak of what some are calling “on cloud 9-0.” According to CBS Sports, they are the 21st team tin NFL history...

Meals by the Thousands

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

Heinz Field welcomed back fans when the Steelers faced off against the Eagles.

The Return Of The Fans

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer October 12, 2020

Die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler fans dressed in black and gold were allowed to sit in the stands of Heinz Field yesterday, for the very time since the pandemic began.  Since last March, COVID-19 has left...

The cast and crew of Almost Maine meet in the NASH library to begin planning for the livestreamed event this November.

The Show Will Go On

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer October 1, 2020

It's a go! North Allegheny district officials have given the okay to NASH fall play directors Mr. Truesdell and Ms. Harrell to produce Almost, Maine this November. But this year, the theatrical experience...

Mr. Buchak is back at NASH, and hes ready to spread positivity with his encouraging attitude.

Good Talk: Mr. Buchak

Anthony Durzo, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

He has returned! Mr. Matthew Buchak is back at NASH after spending several years at Marshall Middle School. Along with his position at NASH, he continues to work at MMS as Assistant Principal.  How...

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